How to Start Over on a Positive Note

To start over… just by thinking about it, it makes us want to run, right?

We worked so hard, we invested so much time and emotions to get where we were, and suddenly it’s over. This is hard, regardless of the area of our life that we are dealing with this situation.

And then come the questions from everybody and we don’t feel like talking about it. We are just trying to figure it out ourselves. What happened? How did I get here and so is a mess!

First of all, keep in mind that this is just your current situation, not the final one. You are moving on!

Find a good friend. Talk about, cry about it and then shake it off!!

It’s time for you to start over, stronger, wiser, smarter, you know you deserve more, so go for it!!

A positive mindset is the way to go. Start by analysing what is it that you want to change in that particular area of your life, and that is regarding you and others. Make those changes and look for something that will only add to your life!

When we are looking for different outcomes, we must start by taking different actions than before, right?

I do it! Don’t over-think it, just do it, because you can!

The most important message that I want to give you is that starting over is a good thing!

I know that it means a breakup, ending of secure situation, the ending of a safe place or person. Look at it this way, you’re getting new chances in your life, new situations, new people, new lines of thinking, new ways of living life, new opportunities of being even better than you were before!

Trust the process, if there are new beginnings in your life it’s for an even better life than you expected!

Give yourself the chance of happiness, of joy. You definitely deserve it!!

Thank you for meeting me halfway.


Money saving tips for parents

This is a constant worry, always in the back of our minds: having that financial security so that we can raise our children with all that they are entitled to have and experience in their lives. Proper education, health care, clothes, sports, activities, all of it.

Here are some smart choices that I’ve may, that I hope will help you as well.

1.Putting money aside.  

For me this tip was gold!

From the moment my daughter was born, I started to put aside 2$ per day. This was such a small amount, that I felt no impact on my daily expenses. So, on my daughter’s first birthday I had saved 728$! For me, being the only family provider, this was amazing!

In 52 weeks I saved this! With no impact on my weekly budget. So I just continued to do this for 18 years. I was a very proud mum when I gave my daughter, on her 18th birthday, 13,104$ in savings! This made a huge impact on her life! She started her own business, her dream job!

No matter how old your children are, if you start doing this now, it will make a world of difference in your children’s lives.

The more you can put aside per week, without affecting your weekly budget, the more you’ll save in the long run:

So, if you can save $5 per day, at the end of the week you’ll have $35, that means $1.820 in a year’s savings. In 18 years you’ll have $32.760, very good right?

2. Teach your child to spend wisely

Something that was always my concern was to show my daughter the importance of spending her own money on what made her happy but in a responsible way.

3. Teach them since they’re little to manage money

Help to manage their savings. You can teach them how to put aside one part and still buy what they want. They start, by practicing how to save and manage money in a positive way. Learning how to deal with money, will give your children managing skills that will make their lives easier.

Thank you for meeting me halfway.

Why are you looking back? The rainbow is just ahead!

Today I dare you!

I dare you to get up and face one of your fears. Just a small one.

Don’t over think, just acknowledge it, positive mindset, focused on that goal and go!

Once you overcome that fear, you will realize that you can do anything, and that is an amazing feeling!

Even if you don’t make it at first, keep going, keep trying, focus even more, and you will make it!

Be sure of this: the rainbow is just ahead of you!

Thank you for meeting me halfway.

A positive mind leads to a peaceful heart

Start today!

Set your mind to it, be consistent, make it your main goal and keep your focus. You’ll be amazed at the consequences!

When you have a positive mindset this is what happens:

-You’re always ready for a new challenge;

-You’re not afraid to fail and start over;

-You’re always ready to learn;

-You’re always focused;

-You’re consistent, resilient;

-You always have a goal, a purpose;

-You’re always calm, even in unexpected situations;

-You’re always clear minded;

-You’re self-confident;

-You have simple and objective perspectives!

This is why your heart is peaceful!

This can be your life, starting today! You got this!

Thank you for meeting me halfway.

Learn How to Let Go

When experiencing a reality that is just not happening the way that we anticipated, we find it hard to accept and just move on with our lives. Instead, we hold on to all the negative emotions and frustrations around it, and we feel stuck.

We lose perspective. We need to let go of the past in order to start over and have new beginnings.

Once you let go of that numbness, self-pity state, you’ll gain this amazing power of changing your path into a new beautiful direction. So, why do you keep on looking back when the rainbow is just ahead of you?

We want to move on, but sometimes we don’t even know how.

Well, here are some tips to guide you:

1.Stop resisting

This is the first step that you must set into our mind in order to move on. Accept your reality. It is happing, period.

There mustn’t be any emotion attached to your current reality, no negativity, nothing. From this point on it’s a neutral reality.

Don’t resist, accept it.

2. Focus

Now that you acknowledge your current situation and you’re no longer being clouded by all the negativity around it, you can finally look at it and take action!

It’s time to look at this current state as new opportunities, new beginnings. It’s time for you to focus on what you want.

Make a plan. Write down all the steps you want to make to change that area of your life. Stay focused, be resilient, be consistent, you can achieve whatever you want, work for it.

3. Move forward

New perspectives mean new actions, and new actions translate into new results!

You had the courage to get out of your comfort zone! You had the bravery to stop feeling sorry for yourself and do something amazing about your life! You had the wisdom to understand that small steps lead you into a wonderful journey! You were humble enough to understand that we are always learning and re-adjusting! You should be proud of yourself! You’ve got this!

Thank you for meeting me halfway.

How to increase your Self-Esteem

When we have a setback in our lives, either emotionally or professionally it takes a tow in our being. We can’t help but question our decisions, our beliefs, it shakes us. We cry, and it’s okay to cry, we are acknowledging and processing our feelings and that is actually a good thing because then we can move on, with no anxiety or frustration weighting on us.

Next step is moving on with our lives!

Regain confidence and conquer your happiness!

How? Changing!

So, to boost your self-esteem, and make you conquer all your goals and dreams, this is what you should do:

1.Think positive

First and the most important thing to do is to change your mindset. A positive mind is a peaceful mind. You are capable to achieve anything that your mindsets you to do, you can do it! You are important, you matter and you deserve all the good things that life has to offer. You have the ability to be focused, resilient and positive! You have the ability to achieve your goals without hurting or stepping on anyone else.

2. Learn to say “no”

Learn to say “no” without feeling guilty about it. Sometimes people tend to say “yes” to everything others ask, even when it’s harmful to themselves. They have this big urge to please others in order to be accepted. You don’t have to prove yourself to others.

You matter you deserve to be treated with the same respect that you give to others. You are as worthy as everybody else. You only allow in your life what is good, positive, and worthy.

3. Have it your own way

Don’t compare other people’s lives to yours. Be in harmony with yourself, find your purpose, your place and focus on your goals.

Everybody has their own path, focus on yours and how to achieve it.

What other people think about you is irrelevant and make sure the only people that matter in your life are the ones that are there for you all along, not questioning you, just supporting you all the way!

4. Broom yourself

Take the time to create routines and take care of yourself. When we shower in the morning, choose nice clothes, put on some make-up, even if your a man, put some nice hydrant cream after shaving! After pampering ourselves we feel motivated, ready for an amazing day, for new challenges! It boosts our confidence.

5. Follow your intuition

If you think about, you’ll realize that, along this amazing journey, you felt instantly drawn to a certain path, something inside was just screaming to go that way, right? That was your intuition.

Start to trust yourself more, gain confidence in your analyses, interpretations, resolutions, knowledgeable, and follow your intuition, because it will lead you through your life goals.

Be consistent in every step, be resilient, overcome the obstacles, the setbacks, keep positive. You’ve got this!

Thank you for meeting me halfway.

The Best Is Yet To Come

In a quick flashback you can see where you came from, what you’ve been through and how good you are now with what you achieved so far. So, looking ahead, even though you can’t control how things will progress, be certain of success because that’s what you’ve been achieving all along.

No matter what, you got this. One thing is certain: The best is yet to come.

Thank you for meeting me halfway

Today is an Amazing day

Do you know when you have that gut feeling, when you are absolutely sure that something is going to happen, your body senses it and you feel butterflies.    

Your mind takes this message, this gut feeling, and acts as if it’s already happening and your body reacts accordingly.

We all have different experiences and our circumstances may differ, but each and everyone of us aim to be happy, to actually feel happiness. That starts with our mindset! Do you want to know how?

Step 1. First thought every morning

Think to yourself every morning: “Today is an amazing day” and physically feel it, just like you would if it was your birthday or the new year’s eve!

Step 2. Be persistent

Through out the day keep reminding yourself, even when you have setbacks or obstacles. Keep feeling it. Your mind will be calmer and you’ll have the ability to resolve everything with the right mindset.

Step 3. Make it a mantra

If you make this your life mantra, you’ll notice that actually everything is so simple and it’s so easy to make things go your way.

I hope this will bring an immediate positive change to your life.

Thank you for meeting me halfway.

How to change your mindset

I have always lived with fear, imagining the worst scenarios, overthinking every decision, struggling just to get by. On the other hand, I was always able to laugh at my mistakes or embarrassing situations. Just an ordinary woman going through life with a beautiful daughter. So, why did I change? Well, a year ago I had a little scary situation with my health. I was a smoker, didn’t eat properly, basically I wasn’t taking good care of myself. So they found a clot on my left foot. The doctors were considering the possibility of removing my foot, it was a really scary experience. Right away I stopped smoking, changed my eating habits, started to exercise. All this took about 2 months before a doctor realized finally what was happening. In the meantime I had no blood circulation, my foot was cold, swollen and I was in massive pain. So it took a while until I started walking again. Through this process, I had the constantan unconditional love and support from my beautiful daughter!! She was by my side all the time, all the way, always with love, care, support!  She was 18 at the time! When I couldn’t walk she carried me, she bade me, she would wake at 5 am prepared breakfast so that I could have my medicine! She was amazing! She is amazing! My daughter was the only one who was there for me the whole time. . After 30 years of smoking, every member of the family was constantly saying that I wouldn’t stop smoking, that I wouldn’t be able to do it. For me, this was the trigger! Of course, I can! I can do whatever I want! My mind is strong! And all the time I had my daughter’s positive energy pulling me up,. making me mentally stronger every day!! Everything is relative, everything is so simple!! I chose the way I want to live this next half way of my life! So can you!! I choose to live a healthy life, with the people I love and that love me back, family related or not! I choose to see the good, appreciate the simple, what makes me happy, light, at peace, I choose to love myself, and this not being self-centered or selfish, it is respecting myself! Then everything started to fall into the right place!! Try it, start now! This is what I want you to start working on: you can do everything, you can make an amazing change! You can start now! Thank you for meeting me halfway!

The Beginning

Let me tell you about my intentions regarding this blog: I want you to be my partner, my accomplice, wherever you are, regardless your age, gender, religion, believes, passions.” The sweetest halves” is all about life experiences, how to overcome the different challenges, twists, and turns, unexpected situations that occur along this amazing life and understand that there is always a positive way to look and overcome the unexpected. It’s realizing that we are in this planet at least for 80 or 90 years, so no matter how old you are now, you can start to make this an amazing, positive a unique life! I´m 47 and I´m so proud for starting this journey with you. Thank you for meeting me half way!