How to overcome a Breakup

Now that you’ve done all you crying, had your best friend’s shoulder to lean on, now that you’ve had that self-pity moment that we all are entitled to after any kind of lost, it’s time to move on!

So, wipe that beautiful face and pay attention, because you’re coming back, stronger than ever!

This is how you do it:


Most important step. You deserve happiness, it’s your birthright, so you’re going to achieve it! You deserve true and unconditional love. You deserve to love and be loved. You are an amazing person, that treats people with kindness and respect and, deserves to be treated the same way. You are a fighter!

2. Focus on you

Heal your wounds. Take time to nurture your self-esteem, make sure to let go of all your sadness, that your heart is becoming lighter every day. A good friend is gold, so you know that it’s okay to open your heart to them. Don’t allow bitterness inside you.

3. You attract what you think

 If you still have you’re ex in your mind, that is exactly the type of person you’re going to attract into your life.

Learn to let go, understand that you must act differently than before, so you have a different result, right?

The only reason your ex is still in your life is because of you because you allow it. He or she has actually moved on. Still, you’re giving him or her power. Stop thinking about it, and you will take them that power, you gain control of your love life!

4. Seek what you deserve

The level of love that you are willing to give must be as high as the level of love that you deserve to receive. You are amazing, so less than amazing is just unacceptable!

Stay focus, love yourself, have fun in your life. Love will find you!

I wish you all the best!

Thank you for meeting me halfway.


How to leave your fears behind

Picture this:

You and a 10-year-old child are going on a roller coaster ride.

You’re in line waiting for your turn, but you’re with a totally different mindset. This 10-year-old child is absolutely excited with this experience, for him it’s an amazing adventure, with high adrenaline, he is just thrilled. You are on the opposite side! All you’re thinking about is what if….. a zillion negative thoughts are running through your mind, are you are just panicking.

You’re both finally riding the roller coaster, but while this child is having the time of his life, you are so scared that you’re missing out this experience, this adventure. Why does this happen? Irrational fear takes over!

Have you ever took the time to think about what have you been missing out on, just because you let irrational fear take over your life?

So, it’s time to change!

Baby steps lead to a great journey. You can do this!


With these steps:


When fear takes over our minds, we feel numb, unable to react. So, you need to make this effort to gain control of your thoughts, of your mind. When we start to train our mind into positive thoughts only when we do this consistently, it’s like we’re feeling this amazing energy running all over our bodies, we gain life. We set new goals, overcome obstacles, and start living again. The numbness is gone.

2. Goal

Nothing like setting new purposes, new goals, to engage ourselves into a new journey. That one thing that is going to add so much joy in your life, something to be excited about.

3. Strategy

After setting a goal, make a list of things to do to get you there.

Have a strategy. Write down in order. This list must make sense to you. When you write it down, you’re creating steps to reach your goal, and as you achieve each step, it’s a victory that will give a boost to carry on with even more enthusiasm. When you visualize it the effect is even greater.

4. Don’t overthink

Once you’ve set your goals, your strategy, everything makes sense, it’s achievable, just do it. Don’t let irrational fear get in the way. You are not allowed to be second-guessing or start having doubts. Trust yourself, your intuition. It’s very important to have feedback, but only from someone that you absolutely trust, that loves you, that gives you a straight honest opinion, otherwise, keep it to yourself. Learn to trust your intuition. You’ve got this!

5. Improve yourself

Do your homework to achieve your goal. Study, practice, learn, re-adjust, go through everything to get it done.

Be persistent, if you don’t make it at first, try again, overcome, try through another way, be resilient, challenge yourself, stay focused, and, most of all, always keep in mind and in your heart: you deserve all the success in the world!

Thank you for meeting me halfway.

Create your Tribe

We don’t choose our blood family, that is a given fact. How we relate with each other within the family, it’s a totally different story.

If you have that amazing kind of relationship with all of your family members, when you all have each other’s back, I congratulate you!

If you don’t, welcome to the group.

My daughter and I have that connection, and it’s amazing but that was it. So we created our own tribe, our (no blood-related) family!

If you are feeling that there is no connection with your blood family, it ‘s time for you to take action and do something positive about it.

This is how we did it.


This is the first step. Understand that you can change the current situation, you have the ability to change that feeling of loneliness, of not being protected, into a mindset of knowing how to handle your blood-related family, and focusing on finding you’re own tribe.

2. Take action 

Among your friends, have the wisdom to separate the ones that like you, but aren’t too thrilled when you accomplish something positive. Or the ones that like to make a joke about someone else, with no regard what so ever about people’s feelings.

Keep close to your heart that group of friends that never left you when you were feeling down or going through a hard time. The numbers will be small, but those are your friends for life!

3. Nurture relationships

Be humble to acknowledge that, looking back, you might have left some good friends behind. Take the initiative to reach out to them, their friendship is too precious to be wasted.

Nurturer your relationships, create new bonds with people that have the same priorities in life! True friendship, being there for each other first and far most, creating memories, stories, creating a long life tribe!

My tribe is small, but believe, they are my wonderful family!

Don’t you ever give up on your happiness, there is always a way. Fight for it, change it, get out of your comfort zone, and make your happiness your priority! You got this!

Thank you for meeting me halfway.

Learn How to Let Go

When experiencing a reality that is just not happening the way that we anticipated, we find it hard to accept and just move on with our lives. Instead, we hold on to all the negative emotions and frustrations around it, and we feel stuck.

We lose perspective. We need to let go of the past in order to start over and have new beginnings.

Once you let go of that numbness, self-pity state, you’ll gain this amazing power of changing your path into a new beautiful direction. So, why do you keep on looking back when the rainbow is just ahead of you?

We want to move on, but sometimes we don’t even know how.

Well, here are some tips to guide you:

1.Stop resisting

This is the first step that you must set into our mind in order to move on. Accept your reality. It is happing, period.

There mustn’t be any emotion attached to your current reality, no negativity, nothing. From this point on it’s a neutral reality.

Don’t resist, accept it.

2. Focus

Now that you acknowledge your current situation and you’re no longer being clouded by all the negativity around it, you can finally look at it and take action!

It’s time to look at this current state as new opportunities, new beginnings. It’s time for you to focus on what you want.

Make a plan. Write down all the steps you want to make to change that area of your life. Stay focused, be resilient, be consistent, you can achieve whatever you want, work for it.

3. Move forward

New perspectives mean new actions, and new actions translate into new results!

You had the courage to get out of your comfort zone! You had the bravery to stop feeling sorry for yourself and do something amazing about your life! You had the wisdom to understand that small steps lead you into a wonderful journey! You were humble enough to understand that we are always learning and re-adjusting! You should be proud of yourself! You’ve got this!

Thank you for meeting me halfway.

How to increase your Self-Esteem

When we have a setback in our lives, either emotionally or professionally it takes a tow in our being. We can’t help but question our decisions, our beliefs, it shakes us. We cry, and it’s okay to cry, we are acknowledging and processing our feelings and that is actually a good thing because then we can move on, with no anxiety or frustration weighting on us.

Next step is moving on with our lives!

Regain confidence and conquer your happiness!

How? Changing!

So, to boost your self-esteem, and make you conquer all your goals and dreams, this is what you should do:

1.Think positive

First and the most important thing to do is to change your mindset. A positive mind is a peaceful mind. You are capable to achieve anything that your mindsets you to do, you can do it! You are important, you matter and you deserve all the good things that life has to offer. You have the ability to be focused, resilient and positive! You have the ability to achieve your goals without hurting or stepping on anyone else.

2. Learn to say “no”

Learn to say “no” without feeling guilty about it. Sometimes people tend to say “yes” to everything others ask, even when it’s harmful to themselves. They have this big urge to please others in order to be accepted. You don’t have to prove yourself to others.

You matter you deserve to be treated with the same respect that you give to others. You are as worthy as everybody else. You only allow in your life what is good, positive, and worthy.

3. Have it your own way

Don’t compare other people’s lives to yours. Be in harmony with yourself, find your purpose, your place and focus on your goals.

Everybody has their own path, focus on yours and how to achieve it.

What other people think about you is irrelevant and make sure the only people that matter in your life are the ones that are there for you all along, not questioning you, just supporting you all the way!

4. Broom yourself

Take the time to create routines and take care of yourself. When we shower in the morning, choose nice clothes, put on some make-up, even if your a man, put some nice hydrant cream after shaving! After pampering ourselves we feel motivated, ready for an amazing day, for new challenges! It boosts our confidence.

5. Follow your intuition

If you think about, you’ll realize that, along this amazing journey, you felt instantly drawn to a certain path, something inside was just screaming to go that way, right? That was your intuition.

Start to trust yourself more, gain confidence in your analyses, interpretations, resolutions, knowledgeable, and follow your intuition, because it will lead you through your life goals.

Be consistent in every step, be resilient, overcome the obstacles, the setbacks, keep positive. You’ve got this!

Thank you for meeting me halfway.

How to not be affected by toxic people

On an emotional level, it is fair to say that we all aim to be emotionally stable and balanced throughout the day, right? Well, somewhere along the way, when interacting with a co-worker, family member or a friend, we experience some emotional changes. Inexplicably, we are now emotionally stressed, impatient, extremely
riled up and upset.

How did this happen? 

The reality is, when we are interacting with negative, toxic people, we, unconsciously, are being controlled by their attitudes, we are feeling them as if they were our own. We start acting with the same negative emotions.

How do we change this pattern?   

We change it by, consistently, following these two simple steps:

1. Stop reacting
Negativity is not contagious, we don’t become negative just because somebody else wants us to be in a bad place in life. We actually do this to ourselves. Our mind just reacts to someone else’s feelings and emotions, assuming that they are our own. So, we need to change our mindset, gain control of our thoughts and feelings. We move beyond it.

By not reacting to other people’s energy, you are creating a barrier, you’re collapsing their negative energy field and you no longer allow that negative energy interfere with your mindset.

2. Take control
Take absolute control over your thoughts and emotions. Be consistent. We are not able to control the world around us, but we can control the way we perceive it and how we respond to it.

Remember, a strong mind is a peaceful mind.

I hope this post will help you and lead you to a better way of life.
Thank you for meeting me halfway. 

The Best Is Yet To Come

In a quick flashback you can see where you came from, what you’ve been through and how good you are now with what you achieved so far. So, looking ahead, even though you can’t control how things will progress, be certain of success because that’s what you’ve been achieving all along.

No matter what, you got this. One thing is certain: The best is yet to come.

Thank you for meeting me halfway

The Beginning

Let me tell you about my intentions regarding this blog: I want you to be my partner, my accomplice, wherever you are, regardless your age, gender, religion, believes, passions.” The sweetest halves” is all about life experiences, how to overcome the different challenges, twists, and turns, unexpected situations that occur along this amazing life and understand that there is always a positive way to look and overcome the unexpected. It’s realizing that we are in this planet at least for 80 or 90 years, so no matter how old you are now, you can start to make this an amazing, positive a unique life! I´m 47 and I´m so proud for starting this journey with you. Thank you for meeting me half way!