Break Free From Fear!

Don’t you think is time to get out of your comfort zone?

How long have you been dreaming about a brand new life?

Have you ever heard of this sentence: “What if I fall? -Oh darling, what if you fly??”

Don’t you think it’s time for you to break down all of your fears, and just fly?

I’ll leave 10 amazing reasons for you to make an amazing and well deserve a change in your life. It’s time for you to be happy, don’t you think?

1.You deserve to be living a wonderful life!

2.You were born to be happy, this is your birthright!

3.Your dreams are so much powerful than your fears!

4.Failure and re-try come with this amazing experience!

5.The best is yet to come!

6.Everything starts with a dream!

7.If you can dream it, you certainly can achieve it!

8.You got this far, look at what you accomplished!

9.Make your loved ones proud!

10.Lead by example, let them know how it’s done. You’ve got this!!

No matter how hard or light your life experience has been until this precise moment, make this journey unforgettable!

I wish you the best!

Thank you for meeting me halfway.


Empower Your Mind

If we only knew how much our lives would change, just by using the power of our thoughts, we would be learning all the tricks to make it work in our favour.

The amazing thing about our mind is that it has the ability to influence our body, and making it react accordingly to our thoughts, just replying to a command!

This isn’t magic or wishful thinking, it’s our reality.

I’m sure you’ve heard about the placebo effect.

If you convince your body that you’re taking something to achieve a specific result, even if that is not true, your body will react as if it were true and produce the chemical reaction that the medication would.

When we think about the power of the mind, imagine what you can do in your favour, health-wise, and in all other areas of your life!

I used this “method” to quit smoking, and it worked. I started to convince the body that I’d smoke a cigarette when I didn’t!

By combining a group of thoughts about smoking, and relating them to my rituals that involved cigarettes, I was able to quit smoking!

Now imagine what you can change in your life, just with the power of your mind!

You can Use it to lose weight, giving up on any kind of addiction, you can use it to start a new journey, in an area that you thought that had no ability for. The possibilities are endless!

Start empowering your mind, create the habit of positive thoughts only.

You are able to achieve all that you desire from life, they’re not dreams, they are goals!

Focus and you’ll achieve!

I’ll leave here a link with a guide I wrote about this Method.

Quit Smoking Guide

Thank you for meeting me halfway!

How to Break a Negative Cycle

Our minds are filled with millions of memories, some that are so dear to us, that just fills our hearts and souls with happiness!

There are, however, some memories that we wish we could erase them out of our minds forever.

When my daughter was born, I made a promise to myself, never to do to her all the things that made sad, when I was little.

If it was a bad experience for me, why would I do it to my child?

From the most simple actions, like making me wear a skirt when I went to school because I wouldn’t be able to play comfortably, or closing the bedroom door, and it would be completely dark. We all have memories, right? It’s just making sure to be breaking this strange cycle of “they did it to me, so I’m doing to you now”.

Being emphatic, making sure that we can put ourselves in someone else’s shoes, remind ourselves what was it look like for us, when we were that age, is a great step to break those bad cycles, those bad memories, and start new cycles, filled with positivity, and making our children’s lives so much easier. Communication is key, understanding their needs, there fears, and give them a peaceful, calm environment.

It’s our obligation as parents to listen to our children, to understand their point of view, not to underestimate them.

Make a change, break the negative cycle, and you will have in your child’s full trust in you.

This is transversal if someone is being rude to you, break that level by keeping the conversation polite or just walk away.

Don’t be afraid to be different than the crowd.

Be you, keep being your high education standers, treat others just like you want and deserve to be treated.

Make a change in your life, start fresh, eliminate negativity, get out of negative situations.

You deserve to be treated with the same respect that you treat others, so don’t settle for less!

Don’t stay in a place or situation where you are not comfortable, or where others make you feel unworthy!

Make sure to pass this message to your children, because they deserve the best!

Thank you for meeting me halfway.

How to Deal with Forgiving

They say that forgiving is a selfless act, that you have a big heart and that you’re able to forgive and move on with your life.

I don’t know about you, but I had a hard time when it comes to forgiving someone that actually hurt me and had no remorse about it! It was something that was constantly weighing on my mind, that frustration, how dare they to move on with their lives and be happy after being so mean to me?

Then I read something that made total sense to me, and it changes my mind and I finally moved on!

Just so you know, I do have a good heart, just like you, but I deserve to put myself first and well as my happiness, and so do you!

This is how I deal with forgiving:

First of all, I realised that I was the one that was keeping these people that hurt me still in my life! Just by having that frustration regarding them, just by thinking that life was being unfair, after all, they were living happily, and I was irritated. That had to change!

How could I just let go it go an move on with my life?

This so easy, and it really works: Learn to forgive them in order to let them go!

This is not a selfless act, this is a purging act!

To forgive, in my perception, it means to be able to have no feelings regarding those that hurt you! This requires some work, but it’s totally achievable. Value yourself more, put yourself in a higher state of mind, look at the big picture, and as soon as you begin to have any kind of negative feelings, make sure to immediately focus on something positive about your life!

We are the ones that decide who gets to be by our side in this amazing journey!

Of course, there will be disappointments, people will fail us, just be wise enough to understand that it’s not you who has a problem, that they didn’t do this to you, they do this to everybody, it’s their lack of character, not yours!

You are a good person, with a good heart, that has the ability to understand that you are better off without that kind of people in your life!

Do this for you, because you deserve the best, and that includes the best people, so just forgive and let go!

No hard feelings, no remorse, make yourself a priority and enjoy this amazing life!

Thank you for meeting me halfway.

Learn How to be Patient

I have a friend that once made this comment about me: You don’t know how to to be patient, do you?

If I’d ask you: do you want a cookie today or a big box of chocolate tomorrow? I know Teresa, he said, I know that you would answer: I want a cookie and a big box of chocolate today! And then he laughed! You just don’t know how to wait!

Of course, I denied, but he was absolutely right, and until he told me that, I had no idea that I was so impatient.

I didn’t understand that everything has its right time.

Well, the truth was that I had to change in order to become a happier and calmer person. So I started by taking these steps:

1.Live the moment

I learned that every day is important. I started to enjoy every bit of the day that I was living, embracing it with my mind and my heart.

I started taking a challenge at a time, a goal at a time. That moment was the most important of all, and I had no plans on looking too way ahead, my mind was focused on the present, and that brought me the feeling of gaining control of my life, and consequently, I became calmer.

2. Keep a positive mindset

When analysing my thoughts and my anxieties towards the future, it became clear to me that my mind often wondered through negative places, I was anticipating negative outcomes, and it became obvious to me that this was one of the reasons why I wanted everything solved right then and there.

I was trying to control what no human being can control, the future.

I changed my mind. From that moment on I only allowed positive outcomes regarding my future, positive goals, positive situations, positive people!

What I noticed was that my life became lighter, I was happier, I was calmer, at peace, relaxed. Of course, I had the same challenges, but I gained a different perspective towards them, a challenge at a time, a solution at a time!

It worked and it still works today!

The sooner you understand that everything has its right place at its right time, the happier and peaceful you’re life will be!!

Take your time, enjoy every moment of it, have fun, even when you’re working!

Learn that your fun begins when you start giving your first step to your destination, enjoy every minute of your ride!

Thank you for meeting me halfway.

How to Achieve your Goals

We all think that the chances we didn’t take would be making us feel much happier than we currently are. We need to change this pattern of thought. The most important step to achieve your goals is:

1.Change your Mindset

Start paying attention to your thoughts. Every negative thought you have, change it into a positive one. At the end of the day, you will realize that you kept changing your thoughts because most of them were negative. Be more positive.

2. Consistency

Remember, you’re changing a pattern, you need to be consistent with “step 1”. You’ll start building more confidence, and that is the key to achieve any goal that you set to yourself. Your life perception will change for the better.

3. Where do you need to Invest?

Improve yourself, now that you are aware that you can achieve whatever you want and nothing is impossible, you can start searching for all the tools you’ll need to get you there. Is it more knowledge, more money, more time, meeting new people?

4. Do it!

You came this far, go for it. Don’t be afraid of failure, of disappointments, you are getting there. You have the confidence, you have the knowledge, you have the drive, and you have the focus. Nothing is stopping you. You got this. Be resilient! Overcome the obstacles and keep going with your positive mind. It could take time, but you will definitely get there.

Thank you for meeting me halfway.

How to Start Over on a Positive Note

To start over… just by thinking about it, it makes us want to run, right?

We worked so hard, we invested so much time and emotions to get where we were, and suddenly it’s over. This is hard, regardless of the area of our life that we are dealing with this situation.

And then come the questions from everybody and we don’t feel like talking about it. We are just trying to figure it out ourselves. What happened? How did I get here and so is a mess!

First of all, keep in mind that this is just your current situation, not the final one. You are moving on!

Find a good friend. Talk about, cry about it and then shake it off!!

It’s time for you to start over, stronger, wiser, smarter, you know you deserve more, so go for it!!

A positive mindset is the way to go. Start by analysing what is it that you want to change in that particular area of your life, and that is regarding you and others. Make those changes and look for something that will only add to your life!

When we are looking for different outcomes, we must start by taking different actions than before, right?

I do it! Don’t over-think it, just do it, because you can!

The most important message that I want to give you is that starting over is a good thing!

I know that it means a breakup, ending of secure situation, the ending of a safe place or person. Look at it this way, you’re getting new chances in your life, new situations, new people, new lines of thinking, new ways of living life, new opportunities of being even better than you were before!

Trust the process, if there are new beginnings in your life it’s for an even better life than you expected!

Give yourself the chance of happiness, of joy. You definitely deserve it!!

Thank you for meeting me halfway.

How to not be affected by a Narcissist

In all areas of our lives, every now and than we come across theses types of characters. They are very easy to identify! They usually are self-centred, with high regard for themselves, they feel and act as if they are superior. They are highly manipulative, they take advantage of other and they have no regard or appreciation to anyone but themselves. They take all they can get from you and give nothing in return. They act with such self confidence that we feel intimidated and immediately obey without question.

When we are dealing with this type of person within a group, that person is the center of all the attention. Everything that person says and does is never questioned, everyone puts them in a pedestal.

So, now that we identified this type of person and learned how they act, what can we do to take them off the pedestal that we actually put them on in the first place?


First of all, change your mindset. Be aware of your value and the value of your opinions and beliefs. Don’t underestimate yourself.

2. Creating your group

You’re not the only one feeling this way. We all are trying to be the best version of ourselves and, just like you, others will step away from that person. You are now creating space for the right people and circumstances to come into your life.

3. Focus

Surround yourself with the right people, keep your positive mindset, focus on your beliefs, your values, how to improve yourself, what makes your heart beat faster, what brings you happiness. Focus on your goals.

You don’t have the ability to control people and circumstances around you, but you have the power to control how others can affect you. Your mind is strong, you are strong, you are able to work with consistency, without outside influences. Keep a positive mind, overcome the obstacles, keep learning, keep growing, get stronger every day.

Keep in mind, you are amazing!

Thank you for meeting me halfway.

4 Ways to Decrease Anxiety

Anxiety is nothing more than a reflection of thoughts.

The first thing to do is identify what is it that you’re anxious about. It’s future related and the uncertainty of the outcome of that specific situation is bringing fear into your life.

After identifying the situation, you start to analyze it in a rational way. Study the possible outcomes but in a rational way. It’s the irrational thinking, that it’s illogical, that doesn’t meet any criterion, it’s building that anxiety and it must be eliminated. Create a logical, rational thought.

Accept the situation, don’t over-think and start by creating strategies to overcome that situation.

Change the way you think, get the right mindset, be positive and you will be able to control the anxiety and focus on goals to overcome.

Here are some tips to help you lower your anxiety:

1.Talk about it

It’s important that you speak to someone that you trust about your anxieties because it can calm you down. Having a new, fresh perspective helps you to rationalize the situation, to visualize an outcome, finding a solution. This will lower your anxiety.

If you find that it’s being a bit overwhelming for you, get professional help. It is a smart move to be guided by someone that can give you the right tools to overcome and move on with your life, feeling stronger and with the right mindset.

2. Stay busy

When we have nothing to do, our imagination has the ability to go to places, and situations that it’s beyond irrational.

So stay busy, make a schedule with your daily routines.

When you focus on your tasks your mind is distracted, busy with what you’re doing, and you’re producing, creating, moving on, feeling accomplished and this will take you to a positive mindset. You have control over your thoughts and emotions.

3. Focusing

Do this exercise daily. I know, it will sound a bit odd, but trust me, it works!

Focus on the area of your body where you feel the anxiety building up, shoulders, stomach, throat, neck, just stay focused on that spot, think of nothing else, and take deep, long breaths, inhale with your nose and exhale through your mouth. Do this on a daily bases, in a quiet place, sitting properly or lying in bed. You will feel your body starting to relax and this will help you to lower your anxiety.

4. Exercise

You don’t need to go to the gym. Take a walk, invite a friend, go outside, see people, talk to people, take your dog for a walk, do yoga, just spend body energy. Your physical anxiety will diminish.

You have all the tools you need to enjoy this amazing journey, to overcome any situation, to change your mindset, your focus. Make the right choice, choose happiness, work for it because you deserve it!

Thank you for meeting me halfway.

How to overcome a Breakup

Now that you’ve done all you crying, had your best friend’s shoulder to lean on, now that you’ve had that self-pity moment that we all are entitled to after any kind of lost, it’s time to move on!

So, wipe that beautiful face and pay attention, because you’re coming back, stronger than ever!

This is how you do it:


Most important step. You deserve happiness, it’s your birthright, so you’re going to achieve it! You deserve true and unconditional love. You deserve to love and be loved. You are an amazing person, that treats people with kindness and respect and, deserves to be treated the same way. You are a fighter!

2. Focus on you

Heal your wounds. Take time to nurture your self-esteem, make sure to let go of all your sadness, that your heart is becoming lighter every day. A good friend is gold, so you know that it’s okay to open your heart to them. Don’t allow bitterness inside you.

3. You attract what you think

 If you still have you’re ex in your mind, that is exactly the type of person you’re going to attract into your life.

Learn to let go, understand that you must act differently than before, so you have a different result, right?

The only reason your ex is still in your life is because of you because you allow it. He or she has actually moved on. Still, you’re giving him or her power. Stop thinking about it, and you will take them that power, you gain control of your love life!

4. Seek what you deserve

The level of love that you are willing to give must be as high as the level of love that you deserve to receive. You are amazing, so less than amazing is just unacceptable!

Stay focus, love yourself, have fun in your life. Love will find you!

I wish you all the best!

Thank you for meeting me halfway.