4 Tips to Keep Motivated in Order to Achieve your Goals! 

For every goal that I set to achieve, I have motivational waves: sometimes I’m up, sometimes I’m down!

This occurs more often when it’s about healthy eating habits or fitness habits.

So, I decided to create strategies to help me on a consistent positive motivational mood, in order to achieve that goal.

Today I’m giving you 4 of those tips to, hopefully, help you as much as they help me!

Watch Videos
Go to YouTube and look for videos that are related to your goal. Se different methods, new ideas, look for the results that they already accomplished. This will give you the right mindset to continue your journey.

Have a break 
Plan one day to make a break from your new daily routines. If it’s fitness related, don’t workout that day. If it’s food related, prepare a healthy treat, so that you can eat with no guilt. By doing this, you are in control, without endangering your main goal.

Find friends that are aiming for the same results. Work strategies to boost your motivations, like healthy competition, new ways to achieve that goal, create schedules, in order to take all the time you need to be successful in your daily routines. 

Subliminal messages
If you search on YouTube, you will see how easily you can make your personal music with a subliminal message that you made! 

You can record a voice message with positive affirmations regarding your goal. Then you can choose a calm melody and add your voice message, but at a lower frequency. This way, you listen to the melody, not your voice. However, your subconscious will listen to your voice, your positive affirmations, and act accordingly to them! 

Over the course of time, you will realize that you are with a different attitude towards life, you’re feeling good about yourself, about life, everything is better, lighter. 

A positive mindset can really make a change in your lives! 
It’s up to you! 
Thank you for meeting me halfway.