How to Break a Negative Cycle

Our minds are filled with millions of memories, some that are so dear to us, that just fills our hearts and souls with happiness!

There are, however, some memories that we wish we could erase them out of our minds forever.

When my daughter was born, I made a promise to myself, never to do to her all the things that made sad, when I was little.

If it was a bad experience for me, why would I do it to my child?

From the most simple actions, like making me wear a skirt when I went to school because I wouldn’t be able to play comfortably, or closing the bedroom door, and it would be completely dark. We all have memories, right? It’s just making sure to be breaking this strange cycle of “they did it to me, so I’m doing to you now”.

Being emphatic, making sure that we can put ourselves in someone else’s shoes, remind ourselves what was it look like for us, when we were that age, is a great step to break those bad cycles, those bad memories, and start new cycles, filled with positivity, and making our children’s lives so much easier. Communication is key, understanding their needs, there fears, and give them a peaceful, calm environment.

It’s our obligation as parents to listen to our children, to understand their point of view, not to underestimate them.

Make a change, break the negative cycle, and you will have in your child’s full trust in you.

This is transversal if someone is being rude to you, break that level by keeping the conversation polite or just walk away.

Don’t be afraid to be different than the crowd.

Be you, keep being your high education standers, treat others just like you want and deserve to be treated.

Make a change in your life, start fresh, eliminate negativity, get out of negative situations.

You deserve to be treated with the same respect that you treat others, so don’t settle for less!

Don’t stay in a place or situation where you are not comfortable, or where others make you feel unworthy!

Make sure to pass this message to your children, because they deserve the best!

Thank you for meeting me halfway.


The Best Baby’s First Year Book

As a single mum, I had to make some difficult choices, so that I could give my baby girl a comfortable and secure life. So, when my daughter was 3 months old, I had to put her in nursery school because I had to get back to work.

All the minutes of the day that we spent together were precious, and by the time that my baby felt a slip, I would fall a slip as well. Unfortunately, I didn’t register any milestone or amazing moments of my daughter’s first year of life!

At this nursery, my daughter had a teacher that was absolutely amazing! She would give me my baby’s daily record, and she did it by heart! What she ate, how she felt, who did my baby play with, and she took pictures!

For Christmas, she gave me this beautiful and priceless gift! The first-year book of my baby girl!

This was the best gift ever for me!

She had registered everything! My daughter’s daily meals, what was she feeling like, with pictures, she even made in a small scale the costumes that my baby wore for carnival, for that Christmas, she reproduced the gift that I received for mothers day!

She has a picture of her first tooth!

So, for all of you that just had a baby or that are waiting for this amazing new life to be born I created a First Yearbook.

This will allow you to register everything regarding this pregnancy and first year’s life of your baby, with your story as a mum, the baby shower party, your labour, and delivery story, the birth of your baby, and so much more!

It is a gift for life, and from my experience, I can tell you that today, 19 years after, I still read it and treasure it with the same tender and sweet love that I felt, on the first day that I saw it and read it for the first time!

I’ll leave the link here in case you’re interested.

My First Year (Pink Theme)

My First Year (Blue Theme)

My First Year (Yellow Theme)

My First Year (Green Theme)

I wish you all the love and happiness in the world!

Thank you for meeting me halfway.

How to be on top of Everything with a Newborn

Mothers of this amazing world, I’m absolutely confident that we all can relate to this topic, right?

When I say mother, I mean parents in general, of course!

You have the most important and challenging responsibility of your life, raising an amazing human being!

When my baby girl was born I thought that I was ready, because I read and saw, and heard every subject that was baby related… and then I was a brand new mother!

My daughter was very small, under 3 kilos, and I was terrified!

Like you, I took a day at a time, getting to know each other, creating new habits, trying to figure it all out.

Because it was just my baby and I, I had to be resourceful. I created schedules, so that I could give full attention to my baby and to keep track of my household at the same time.

For me the hardest part was the schedules, keeping track of my daughter’s sleeping hours, the feeding hours if she was taking some medicine in case of a fever, or because of her teeth that were starting to burst. I really struggle there for a while.

The good news is that we overcame every situation, we bonded in a very sweet and special way, mainly because we were each other only family, but the fact is that we are truly a united, unbreakable and amazing family!

I recently made a mum’s planner, keeping in mind the bumps that I had along this awesome journey. I hope this planner will help you to organise your life as a mum and that will allow you to enjoy in a more relaxed way, (because everything is registered), every special moment with your amazing child!

I’ll leave here the link in case your interested.

Mum’s Planner(A4).

Mum’s Planner(A5).

I wish you and your family all the love and happiness in the world!

Thank you for meeting me halfway.

How to be an Organized Stay-at-Home Mum

As a single mum, I quickly realized how bad I needed to be organised in order to attend my daughter’s needs and mine. The first couple of years where quite hard but everything changed once I started to become more organised. So, in today’s post, I’ll be sharing with you the perfect way to organise your life as a stay-at-home mother.

1.Wake Up Early

I know what you’re thinking, you can barely sleep and I want you to wake up early (I’ve been there). Let me tell you, waking up early will help you get everything done, and if you’re lucky, you’ll have a few minutes just to yourself, for your self-care moments!

2. Stay Calm

This step goes along with the previous one, when you wake up before your kids, you get to do your morning routine quietly, preparing breakfast will be a much peaceful task. You’ll be able to prepare their lunches and their snacks in advance, and after all this, you’ll be able to enjoy your breakfast with your family and start your day in a great note.

3. Write Down Everything

Planning everything and writing things down will help you achieve what you’re meant to do and it will help you save time.

Knowing how important this step is, I made and launched a planner that will help you with all of these tasks. It’s a Mum’s monthly planner, it includes a Monthly Overview, a Household Duties Tracker, a Kid’s Schedule, a Mum’s Schedule, a Mum’s Self-Care Spread, an Activities Tracker, a Weekly Overview, Meal Planners and more! I’ll leave the link here if you’re interested!

Mum’s Planner

I hope these tips will help you as much as they helped and continue to help me.

Thank you for meeting me Halfway.

Types of Savings every mum Should have

One of the main stressing issues that all parents have is about money. We want to make sure that we raise our children with all the comfort and care that they deserve.

Here are some money saving tips that will help you raise your baby with some financial stress relief:

1.Emergency fund

Create an emergency fund. Every month put some money aside. This will help you to cope if you have any unexpected situation. You should have 6 to 12 months of monthly expenses (bills, groceries, rent, etc) saved.

2. Baby Savings

When expecting a baby all our priorities change, everything circles around this beautiful life that is about to join us in this amazing world and we often forget how much we are going to need to spend on the first stages. So, during the pregnancy make sure to gather all that you’ll need for the baby’s daily care.

See among your friends and family if they have any baby’s furniture that they no longer use, to lend you.

Make a list of all the items you’ll need and start purchasing them now. Look for sales, make choices and you’ll be able to save money and have quality products.

3. Create activities/holiday funds

On your financial budget make sure to put some money aside for weekend activities and holidays with your children. Plan ahead where you’re going and save money monthly so that, within your budget, you can enjoy to the fullest these amazing moments with your family, Look for fun free activities and create great memories at a low cost.

4 .University fund

Start to save small amounts of money per week. If you start doing this on a regular basis you’ll be amazed at the savings you made through the years. Start when you’re children are young and, by the time they turn 18, you’ll have a comfortable university fund for them.

I hope these tips will help you.

Thank you for meeting me halfway.

The importance of saying “no” to your child

When my daughter was very small I remember when, late at night, when she was sleeping, I just cried myself to sleep, because I felt the worst mom in the world. I had spent the whole day saying “no” to my baby! I knew I had to give her rules, I had to teach her to ask  for things politely, she had to take care of her toys, she had to stop  crying in order to gain things and so on… that endless list that all children need to learn in order to live with rules in an equal society. Sometimes I’d question myself if this was the right way to raise her if I was being too hard.

I had to be persistent because that was the best way I knew how to do it.

My daughter had to understand that she couldn’t have it her way all the time, sometimes we did it her way, others my way.

She learned that crying to gain something didn’t work, in fact, had the opposite effect. She had to ask politely.

Sometimes, even when she asked politely she wouldn’t have it. I would explain why and even if she didn’t understand she would have to respect my decision.

My daughter learned to deal with boundaries, with not being allowed to do certain things.

The processing of learning how to ride a bicycle, jump with the rope comes from trying, failing and re-trying, and that is a massive lesson to be taught. They learn how to deal with failure, how to persist and try again until they conquer their goal.

 These tools, however meaningless they seem at such a young age, are fundamental for there several milestones!

At the arrival of the teenage years, this proved to be worth it.

By this time, the respect and confidence between us were amazing, and this allowed her to have all sorts of conversations with me.

Learning to understand the meaning of “no”, to comprehend the meaning of boundaries, gain respect and respect others.

Knowing that our children are facing failures, disappointments, rejections, like everybody else, but they have the tools and the knowledge to accept and overcome the several challenges and adventures along they’re life journey.

There are no wrong or right ways to raise our children, there are different ways to teach the same goal: to love and protect them.

Was it hard? Sometimes.

Was it worth it? Absolutely, because it was made out of pure love and protection!

Thank you for meeting me halfway.

How to build a strong relationship with your child

My 19-year-old daughter and I have this unbreakable bond, this connection, this trust, and it’s the most precious gift of all.

There is this trust, liability, we know that we can count on each other for everything. This trust was very important through her teenage years.

The wonderful truth is that we, as parents, can have this level of relationship with our children.

I’m giving you some tips from my journey, and I hope it will help you.

1.Always together

Since my daughter was born, I started doing everything with her. All my daily routines included her. As a single mother, I decided that she was never going to be alone, she would always have company. I talked a lot! It sounds a bit odd I know, but I had monologues about what we were doing, where we were going, everything.

This wasn’t seen as a good thing, some people would tell me that she had to learn to stay alone, to cry herself to sleep, but I couldn’t do that. I followed my heart, So, I stayed with her until she went to sleep. Always together, I said, since the day she was born.

2. Creating routines

As she was growing and going to kinder garden, we started new routines so she could have that safety feeling. Every day my daughter knew that I would pick her up, go to the park, have a walk and then go home.

Then we would play after it was bath time. I would prepare dinner and she was there with me. She would have dinner, then go to bed, I’d read stories to her and then she would go to sleep.

This made her feel safe.

3. Communication

We always talked about everything. Every question she asked wasn’t left unanswered. I didn’t follow the “only grown-up conversations”, because I didn’t underestimate her perception of the reality surrounding her.

Children have conversations at school between themselves about everything, which lead sometimes, to incorrect information so, I would tell her the truth, of course with the age-appropriate explanations. She learned that she could count on me to share her worries and opinions about everything, that I would be there for her always.

4. Telling the truth

The importance of believing in someone’s worth, and that we can trust each other, because we don’t lie.

The worst thing anyone can do is lie to me, and my daughter knew that. When she understood how important our worth is, we bonded even more.

5. Respect

Something I’ve always wanted to pass on to her was the importance of respecting others and be respected. From early on, she would always show respect for me and for the other adults and would always be upset if some colleague disrespected her. Now that she’s an adult, she has the same principles and she still tells me about how crucial this was for her.

6. Teenage phase

This is definitely the hardest and worrisome phase of any parent. They start being independent, and we have no idea what could be going on with them. This was the moment I felt like all of the hard work paid off. She felt comfortable enough and trusted me enough to talk to me about everything. Thankfully, she wasn’t a hard teenager but I’m a strong believer that she was the way she was because of the principles I was able to pass on to her.

I hope this post helped you.

Thank you for meeting me halfway.

Money saving tips for parents

This is a constant worry, always in the back of our minds: having that financial security so that we can raise our children with all that they are entitled to have and experience in their lives. Proper education, health care, clothes, sports, activities, all of it.

Here are some smart choices that I’ve may, that I hope will help you as well.

1.Putting money aside.  

For me this tip was gold!

From the moment my daughter was born, I started to put aside 2$ per day. This was such a small amount, that I felt no impact on my daily expenses. So, on my daughter’s first birthday I had saved 728$! For me, being the only family provider, this was amazing!

In 52 weeks I saved this! With no impact on my weekly budget. So I just continued to do this for 18 years. I was a very proud mum when I gave my daughter, on her 18th birthday, 13,104$ in savings! This made a huge impact on her life! She started her own business, her dream job!

No matter how old your children are, if you start doing this now, it will make a world of difference in your children’s lives.

The more you can put aside per week, without affecting your weekly budget, the more you’ll save in the long run:

So, if you can save $5 per day, at the end of the week you’ll have $35, that means $1.820 in a year’s savings. In 18 years you’ll have $32.760, very good right?

2. Teach your child to spend wisely

Something that was always my concern was to show my daughter the importance of spending her own money on what made her happy but in a responsible way.

3. Teach them since they’re little to manage money

Help to manage their savings. You can teach them how to put aside one part and still buy what they want. They start, by practicing how to save and manage money in a positive way. Learning how to deal with money, will give your children managing skills that will make their lives easier.

Thank you for meeting me halfway.

What your child should know before starting School

Where we live, children start going to school at the age of 6, and that is when they start to learn how to read and write.

When my daughter turned 6, everybody (me included), started to talk about it!

I was so excited about this new milestone in her life, that I forgot the essential, explain the whole process. The result? When she returned home from her first day at school, she was so disappointed, why? She thought she was going to learn how to read and write on that day! Of course, only then I realized that I had to make a plan to prepare my sweet child to school.

So, here are some tips that helped me to get everything back on track! I hope it will make this process easier for you.

1. Learning is an ongoing process

It is important to explain to our children that their lives are going to change, for the better, that they are going to school every day of the week, and they are going to learn step-by-step how to read and write. It is a process, it takes time, but it is so worth it.

2. Behavior

Although they already know from kinder garden, when it is time to play and when it is time to sit down, be quiet, it is important for them to create this habit, so that they are able to behave properly, to be focused and get better learning results.

3. Study habit

It’s very important to create study habits. You are creating your children’s minds into a very important living habit. Throughout their student’s lives, they will already have that mindset, that habit that will re-enforce what they learned during that they, and it will make their life so much easier.

4. Adjust weekly schedules

My daughter was having 3 swimming lessons per week before school started. Her school started at 8.30 a.m. and finished at 3:30 p.m. With homework that she had every day, the swimming lessons were no longer bringing her joy. She was tired. So, we change the swimming lessons for the weekend and it worked! The extra school activities are very important in our children’s lives, but it can be overwhelming sometimes. We just have to re-adjust

5. Constant positive re-enforcement

This is very important. Giving school, the whole learning process a positive experience. Showing them the importance of knowledge, the impact on their daily lives, and where it can take them.

I hope these tips helped you.

Thank you for meeting me halfway.

Mum Journey

I have a beautiful 19-year-old daughter. I have the big honor and responsibility to raise her on my own and let me tell you, this is The Ride of my life!

For me, the most precious advice that I got was: there is no right or wrong way to raise your child, there is the loving, protecting, caring sweetest way!
Like everything else in our lives, raising a child is simple, but it is a big responsibility. This amazing life is under our care and protection, and that is why sometimes it becomes so overwhelming and scary, but we keep on going, push through and overcome, one step at the time!
Of course, I made poor decisions, I made mistakes, I cried, second-guessed my decisions, we all do, but we learn and we move on, right?
So, on these mum’s posts, I´m going to share with you my experiences, tricks and thoughts, unexpected and wonderful memories that we created so far, and hopefully, they will help you through the several phases of these amazing lives that we have.
Until my next post, thank you for meeting me halfway.