Attract The Life You’ve Always Wanted!

What you focus on, is what you attract!

This is a very simple reality, but it’s absolutely true, what we think is what we attract.

If you live in constant fear, always imagining the worst, repeating negative thoughts and expecting bad thing to happen, that’s what you’re going to have, over and over again, the same result, until you decide that it’s time to change the path in your life. It’s all in your hands!

It’s time for you to change the pattern, creating new habits, and reach amazing outcomes. This is how the law of attraction works!

Think, live, act and visualize a positive life, and that is exactly what you will achieve!

This has to do with energy. What we give is what we get in return, it’s that simple.

If you take some time and think about all the people that you know personally, or just heard they’re story, you will realise that people that are focused, positive, and are absolutely sure that they are going to achieve every goal that they aim! Notice how they keep a positive mindset, they are driven they overcome every obstacle with ease. They work, study, learn, they are resilient, persistent, and they succeed!

You can be that person!

I’ll leave you some tips that you can apply immediately and make the change in your life!


Change your mindset. Realise that everything is possible, look at life in a positive way. Face your daily life with a positive attitude. You can do it! Look at your daily obstacles as challenges, that are easy to resolve, to overcome. Looking at the opportunities as a positive change, and as a new start for a better life.

2.True value

Don’t underestimate yourself, you are worth it! You are entitled to an amazingly successful life!

You can achieve whatever you want. You are able to fulfill all your dreams, make them your reality!

3.Create a goal

Create a goal, make a plan to achieve it! Set objectives, with all that you need to make it work. Study, learn, improve yourself in that specific area. Master it.


Learn how to visualise. See yourself as if you already achieved that goal, see yourself living that new life, absorb the feelings that come when you visualise. Act as if you already have all that you dream of.

Practice every day. This will give you the type of energy that you want to attract into your life!

Make these tips your daily habits. Focus on yourself, and ignore the negative comments, because there will be!

Don’t waste your energy trying to explain something to someone who is not just there yet!

Have faith in yourself, and you will be amazed by the positive changes in your life!

Thank you for meeting me halfway!


Empower Your Mind

If we only knew how much our lives would change, just by using the power of our thoughts, we would be learning all the tricks to make it work in our favour.

The amazing thing about our mind is that it has the ability to influence our body, and making it react accordingly to our thoughts, just replying to a command!

This isn’t magic or wishful thinking, it’s our reality.

I’m sure you’ve heard about the placebo effect.

If you convince your body that you’re taking something to achieve a specific result, even if that is not true, your body will react as if it were true and produce the chemical reaction that the medication would.

When we think about the power of the mind, imagine what you can do in your favour, health-wise, and in all other areas of your life!

I used this “method” to quit smoking, and it worked. I started to convince the body that I’d smoke a cigarette when I didn’t!

By combining a group of thoughts about smoking, and relating them to my rituals that involved cigarettes, I was able to quit smoking!

Now imagine what you can change in your life, just with the power of your mind!

You can Use it to lose weight, giving up on any kind of addiction, you can use it to start a new journey, in an area that you thought that had no ability for. The possibilities are endless!

Start empowering your mind, create the habit of positive thoughts only.

You are able to achieve all that you desire from life, they’re not dreams, they are goals!

Focus and you’ll achieve!

I’ll leave here a link with a guide I wrote about this Method.

Quit Smoking Guide

Thank you for meeting me halfway!

How to Be Focused!

Focus drives everything in your life. By being focused, you gain control of your life, and you achieve any goal that you dream of.

We all have too many distractions, solicitudes that are constantly pushing our attention and focus. It seams that our mind is always reprogramming every situation that is being throned at us, and we feel so mentality tired that we just want to sit down and rest. The result is that another day just passed and we didn’t accomplish any task, there is nothing done, and it gets so frustrating!

To change this pattern, and gain back full control of your life, I’ll leave some tips that will help you succeed in all areas of your life!

  1. Have a goal

Have a specific mission, and work a plan to achieve it. Make daily goals, in order to have progress, on a daily basis. This will make you feel that you are making progress, you can see it gaining form, and this is a great booster to proceed with your mission, even with more enthusiasm.

2.One project at a time

Don’t commit to too many projects that you just can’t handle with the proper attention. Learn to say no, learn to delegate. When you have a mission, all your focus, study, attention and work should be exclusive to that mission. This is the only way you will succeed.

3.Keep your focus

Eliminate potential sources of distractions, before starting your tasks. Things like your cell phone, television, all of the things that you know that will make you lose your focus on your work.

4.Creating a habit

Like everything else, focusing requires practice, training, so make sure to be persistent and train your mind to alienate from the outside noise and distractions. You will see the results, reach your objectives, and you won’t feel so tired, because you didn’t push your mind to be constantly refocusing and rewiring due to constant distractions.

I hope these tips will help you to achieve your goals, and consequently, making you have a happier and complete life!

Thank you for meeting me halfway.

Creating an unbreakable bond

My 19-year-old daughter and I have this unbreakable bond, this connection, and it’s the most precious gift of all.

There is this trust, liability, we know that we can count on each other for everything. This trust was very important through her teenage years.

The wonderful truth is that we, as parents, can have this level of relationship with our children.

I’m giving you some tips from my journey, and I hope it will help you.

1.Always together

Since my daughter was born, I started doing everything with her. All my daily routines included her. As a single mother, I decided that she was never going to be alone, she would have always company. I talked a lot! It sounds a bit odd I know, but a had monologues about what we were doing, where we were going, everything.

This wasn’t seen as a good thing, some people would tell me that she had to learn to stay alone, to cry herself to sleep, but I couldn’t do that. I followed my heart, So, I’d stay with her until she went to sleep. Always together, I said, since the day she was born.

2.Creating routines

As she was growing, going to kinder garden, we started new routines so she could have that safety. Every weekday my daughter new that I would pick her up, go to the park, have a walk, go home.

Then we would play after it was bath time. I would prepare dinner, and she was there with me. She would have dinner, then go to bed, read stories, and then go to sleep.

This made her feel safe.

3.The importance of telling the truth

Never to lie or omit. This was and still is the thing I value the most. I wanted my daughter to understand that this is the base of any kind of relationship.

We knew that we would do everything not to hurt one another, and there was no way we were going to break that trust.

This step was very important because it opened up the door for an honest conversation about any subject.

4.No taboos

If you’re a parent, you can relate to this item. Along they’re growth, we find ourselves having the most unexpected conversations with our children. Some of them were quite amusing, others very odd!

I was affrayed to give her too much information, there is no right or wrong way, so I decided that was in my daughter’s best interest to get the right information from me, and feel comfortable enough to asked all the questions than to have incorrect or missed information from other sources. Thankfully it was a smart choice!


We did, and still, do, the most unusual things together! We created amazing memories, and my daughter talks about them with so much love and enthusiasm, that just makes my day!

We have our cartoon night together, and series night. We have junk food day, we go to the beach when it’s raining, every day, no matter the season, we take a 30-minute walk. The great part of this ritual is that we started it since the first time I took her out for a walk when she as just a baby.

Create memories with your children, make every day count, have your special time together every day!

Time really flies, live it to the fullest!

Thank you for meeting me halfway.

5 Tips to Live a Simple and Happy Life

If you’re living in a simple, straight forward life, then we already have something in common!

This is not a Naif way of living and perceiving life, this is going back to the basics, and giving the value to the essence of life.

I just could never relate with people they think highly of themselves, that strange glance of superiority, like they’re lives were so much important and valuable than mine. So, stepping away from that type of personality wasn’t a difficult decision!

I learn to give value and importance to the things and people that I can make that beautiful symbiosis of love and care. They add to my life as much as I add to their lives!

I made some positive changes, and started acting accordingly to my thoughts and believes, with the respect that every human being deserves. I started to live a happier and socially healthier life!

Here are five tips that I start to live by, to simplify my life, and I hope it will help you to simplify yours as well!

1-Stop worrying about outside opinions

People tend to talk about other people, even when they have no clew of what is going on in there lives. I stopped worrying about what other people think or say. It’s just a waste of time and energy!

2-Live by your own personal judgment

Just because there are a million people doing the same thing, it doesn’t mean they are all right, and that there is only one resolution. If you have a different point of view, opinion or a better resolution, don’t second guess yourself and choose your way, start a different path. Their several roads to achieve a positive result!

3-Stop comparing other people’s lives to yours

Don’t measure your steps through other men’s shoes.

Stop wasting your time wondering why others have more than you, or travel more, and that it’s unfair. Our lives aren’t better or worst, then anybody else, our lives are different from one another, and that is the reality.

Appreciate what you have, who you are, what you achieved so far, how grateful you are for the life you have, for the loved ones that are sharing this amazing journey with you!

4-Surround yourself with your true friends

I make sure to nurture my true friends, they are my real family!

I decided to step away from the kind of people that are constantly criticizing everybody, making mean comments and remarks, I just felt stressed just by listening to them.

As they say, through other people’s back, I see mine.

So I only meet them on social occasions, and for a short period of time!

5-Don’t take yourself so seriously

Learn to laugh at your mistakes, allow yourself to learn something new every day.

We are all alike! Don’t feel superior or inferior to anyone. We share the same basic needs, both physically and emotionally.

The real reason we appear to be different from one another is that we all use different masks, and the reason we use them is quite humbling: we use it to protect our feelings!

If pass among others the image of a senseless, superior being, it will intimidate others from a more personal, human approach, right?

I would like you to consider this: when you’re protecting your feelings, by keeping a distance, have you ever thought that you might have lost the opportunity of a long and lovely friendship pass by?

Don’t sabotage your happiness!

Thank you for meeting me halfway.

The Sunshine Blogger Award

I’ve been nominated For The Sunshine Blogger Award by the Lovely Ezee Shad!

You can find her blog at

Thank you so much for the nomination, it was a great surprise and an honour.

The Sunshine Blogger Award is given to those who are creative, positive and inspiring while spreading sunshine to the blogging community.

Sunshine Blogger Award rules

The rules are:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you for a blog post, and link

   back to their blog.

  • Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.
  • Nominate up to 11 new blogs to receive the award and write  them 11 new questions.
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.

My answer to Ezee Shad’s questions

  1.  Do you think your blog has made someone’s life simpler?

When I write my posts, my aim is always to give my readers a new perspective on life, a positive mindset.

If I achieve that goal, and with my posts I’ve been able to change their view on life, consequently making it simpler, then yes!

I hope so, it would make me very happy!

  •  How many books have you read so far this year, which ones are your favourites?

I didn’t count them!

I started with my blog recently, and before starting this amazing adventure as a blogger I read everything that I could put my hands on about blogging, WordPress, Google, Pinterest! I’m sure you can relate, but I can tell you that my favourite book of all times is Pope Joan by Donna Wolfolk Cross, I highly recommend it!

  •  What has been your biggest challenges since you started the blog? How did you overcome it?

My biggest challenge was setting up the blog itself, but after long hours, and the right researches, everything worked out fine!

  •  What motivates you to get up in the morning?


It’s a new day, I’m with my loved ones, and I’m doing what I love I love to do.

  •  What are your best three quotes?

My favourites are:

Learning never exhausts the mind– Leonardo Da Vinci

There is no charm equal to tenderness of heart– Jane Austen

Keep your face always toward the sunshine- and shadows will fall behind you– Walt Whitman

  •  What do you think is more effective, E.Q. or I.Q.?

I love the colour grey. I like black and white as well, but I love them when they’re combined!

For me, the key is balance. When we have a combined E.Q. and I.Q. it’s perfection!

  •  How do you think we can make a world a better place?

We can start by setting good by example, respecting each other, respecting our differences, they make us unique! Respecting our beliefs, respecting who we are, being emphatic, learning how to share. We can do this by raising our children to become better humans, giving honour and respect the importance that they deserve.

  •  Who is your blogger bestie?

My blogger bestie is the lovely Joana from the

  •  Where are you blogging from?

I’m blogging from a beautiful place, by the sea called Cascais in Portugal!

  1.  Any tips for beginner blogs?

I’m a beginner myself, so from this short wonderful experience, what I can say is:

Be persistent, stay focused, re-adjust when you feel that is necessary, and write from your soul!

It’s an amazing journey!

  1.  What’s your best blog experience?

I wrote a post about how to quit smoking for good, and I wrote it from my personal experience, of how I overcame this addiction, just by changing my mindset, gaining power over your body’s addiction.

So, after posting it, I receive a message through my social media, asking me if I could explain in detail how it works. I share the general idea, but then I decided to write a guide book, explaining this “method”, step-by-step. This past weekend this person messaged me, and he told me that he was following the “method”, and it was working! So, this just made my day!

I helped someone, and this was the best feeling ever!

Part of this nomination is to nominate other blogger.

Here are my nominees:


Questions for my nominees:

  1.  Where does your inspiration come from?
  2.  What was your biggest achievement so far?
  3.  What was your biggest challenge so far?
  4.  What would you change about yourself to improve?
  5.  What would you change in your life to become a happier


  •  When do you plan to begin that change?
  •  Who is your favourite “person”?
  •  Do you show your loved ones how much you love them


  •  What is the person or thing that makes your day shine brighter?
  •  What can you do for others to brighten their day?
  •  Are you aware of the amazing person that you are?

Thank you, Hope you have an amazing day!

The ultimate Quit Smoking Guide!

At the beginning of this month, I wrote a post about how to quit smoking for good. I had a lot of feedback, through social media messages, asking for details regarding the method I used to stop smoking. So, it is with great pleasure that I’m launching my first Ebook! This is a guide book, that has all the steps you need to follow in order to succeed, and quit smoking for good.

The only thing that is required is that you are truly willing to stop.

Here is the link to it, if you’re interested:


I hope this will help you achieve your goal for a healthier life!

Feel free to give me your feedback on the results. Nothing will make me happier than knowing that you made it!!

Thank you for meeting me halfway.

5 Tips for a Happier Life

Sometimes we are aiming so high, that we forget the look straight ahead, and we end up missing amazing opportunities of happy moments!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for aiming high, dreaming big, creating high goals! The view from the top is just wonderful. What I’m asking you to do is to be more alert of your surroundings. You’ll realise that you are already happy, you have all the things you need right now to feel and experience happiness on a daily basis!

Just follow these simple tips and enjoy this awesome journey!

1.Stay away from drama

Where drama stays you don’t!

All of that horrible gossip, negative conversations, criticism, you don’t need it in your life! Make sure to stay away from people that have that kind of posture in their lives.

2.Have goals

Among your high goals, at long terms, create daily goals, small goals, like how many times you go to the gym per week, increasing difficulty in a workout, etc. Challenge yourself!

3.Enjoy the little things

Take the time to understand that you have so much to be thankful for! Be grateful for all that you have, for all that you are. Make sure that your loved ones know how much you love them, spend quality time with them. Learn how to bread properly, the benefits that it brings. Appreciate the local history, the local food, the habits, embrace your life!

4.Be positive

What you think is what you attract. Think positive, dream positive, visualize every situation with a positive outcome!

You will be amazed at how the universe will surprise you!

Make it a habit, try again, every time it is required, bring a smile into your life!

5.Be proud of yourself

Look how far you came! See all the obstacles that you overcame with excellence! How much you’ve learned and grown, through every storm you crossed! Your inner strength made you who you are, and you are amazing!

Be proud of you!

Thank you for meeting me halfway.

How to Break a Negative Cycle

Our minds are filled with millions of memories, some that are so dear to us, that just fills our hearts and souls with happiness!

There are, however, some memories that we wish we could erase them out of our minds forever.

When my daughter was born, I made a promise to myself, never to do to her all the things that made sad, when I was little.

If it was a bad experience for me, why would I do it to my child?

From the most simple actions, like making me wear a skirt when I went to school because I wouldn’t be able to play comfortably, or closing the bedroom door, and it would be completely dark. We all have memories, right? It’s just making sure to be breaking this strange cycle of “they did it to me, so I’m doing to you now”.

Being emphatic, making sure that we can put ourselves in someone else’s shoes, remind ourselves what was it look like for us, when we were that age, is a great step to break those bad cycles, those bad memories, and start new cycles, filled with positivity, and making our children’s lives so much easier. Communication is key, understanding their needs, there fears, and give them a peaceful, calm environment.

It’s our obligation as parents to listen to our children, to understand their point of view, not to underestimate them.

Make a change, break the negative cycle, and you will have in your child’s full trust in you.

This is transversal if someone is being rude to you, break that level by keeping the conversation polite or just walk away.

Don’t be afraid to be different than the crowd.

Be you, keep being your high education standers, treat others just like you want and deserve to be treated.

Make a change in your life, start fresh, eliminate negativity, get out of negative situations.

You deserve to be treated with the same respect that you treat others, so don’t settle for less!

Don’t stay in a place or situation where you are not comfortable, or where others make you feel unworthy!

Make sure to pass this message to your children, because they deserve the best!

Thank you for meeting me halfway.

How to Improve Your Day

Do you know when you have that gut feeling when you are absolutely sure that something is going to happen, your body senses it, and you feel butterflies.    

Your mind takes this message, this gut feeling, and acts as if it’s already happening and your body reacts accordingly.

We all have different experiences, and our circumstances may differ, but each and every one of us aim to be happy, to actually feel happiness. That starts with our mindset! Do you want to know how?

Step 1. First thought every morning

Think to yourself every morning: “Today is an amazing day” and physically feel it, just like you would if it was your birthday or the New Year’s Eve!

Step 2. Be persistent

Throughout the day keep reminding yourself, even when you have setbacks or obstacles. Keep feeling it. Your mind will be calmer, and you’ll have the ability to resolve everything with the right mindset.

Step 3. Make it a mantra

If you make this your life mantra, you’ll notice that actually everything is so simple and it’s so easy to make things go your way.

I hope this will bring an immediate positive change to your life.

Thank you for meeting me halfway.