Your Limits are in your Mind.

You can only go where your mind allows you to. Isn’t it strange, when we think about it? It’s not your family, your work, your friends or your finances that are keeping you away from all your goals, you are. Your mind is!!
Take your time and observe your child. It’s amazing how easily they learn everything. Have you ever noticed that they just need a few minutes with a bicycle, a skate or any other type of vehicle, and they are riding it!
I want you to remember that you were that child, you were able to master whatever you wanted, right? So, what happened?  Fear happened, second-guessing happened, over thinking happened…

Don’t you think it’s time to go back to that state of mind?

How irresponsible, some people will say!

Who cares what people say?

Facts are that you are a responsible adult, with all your responsibilities in order, but who became afraid of new adventures, the unknown, and of what would people say. The funny thing is that it’s all in your head.
Taking chances, having new beginnings it’s not being irresponsible, it’s being bold!
You have to ask yourself, can you be happier than you are now?
Are you leaving a loved one behind?
Is your life changing is going to affect anyone in a negative way?

I’m not telling you to change no matter what, it’s the opposite. I’m making you aware of the possibility of a happier life with your loved ones, and without neglecting anyone or anything. I’m asking you to open your mind to the infinite possibilities that the universe has to offer. I’m asking you to look inside yourself, to give power to your intuition, to allow yourself to dream with no limits!

A Portuguese writer, Fernando Pessoa, said: “God wants, men dreams, and art is born”.

I can tell you that what you vibrate is what you attract. The universe will give exactly what you think, whatever the type of energy that you are giving right now, it’s exactly the same that you will receive. It’s simple but true. The has no limits, no negative or positive energy, it just has energy. Think positive, attract positive, think big, dream big!

Believe in yourself, visualize your dream life, own it, don’t you dare to give up!
Let all the good feelings of those thoughts involve your body and mind, keep that amazing sensation of happiness in your mind, and associate it with your visualizations. Stay in that level of positive energy!
You were born to be happy, it’s your birthright.

Create a limitless mind, have limitless dreams.

You have more tools than the child you once were because now you know how to protect yourself.

Master your mind to positive, opened to the infinite possibilities of happiness!!!

You are an amazing person!

Thank you for meeting halfway. 


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