How One Positive Word Can Change Someone’s Life!

We are so focused on our daily lives, with our daily routines and obligations, that we forget that we actually live in a society, with people!!

Of course, this is no selfish act on our part, we are just wrapped up in our “world”, that sometimes the rest seems invisible.

It’s time for us to raise our heads and the what’s happening around us, share a bit of happiness and empathy with the rest of the world!

It’s time to ask “how are you?” like we mean it!!

I became aware of this, one day when I was doing a heart exam. I just stopped smoking 15 days before this exam, So, when the doctor asked me why I was having this exam I explained that I’d just quit smoking because of a clot, my doctor was trying to find out the origin of that clot. The amazing part of this episode was that, while all my family was saying that I would continue with that addition, this doctor, that I’ve never met before, told me this: I already see you as a non-smoker!

I lost my father when I was 21 years old, and somehow it seemed that those words were a sweet message from my father!

Until today I remember these words, from someone that said I believe in you, you can do this!

So, imagine the change you can make in someone else’s life, just with a kind word, with a smile, with a word of trust and encouragement!

It is true when we say that we can change each other’s lives!

Look to all the people that you encounter every day, going to work, at a coffee, at a restaurant, and take time to get to meet them, make a positive change in their lives, and you will be surprised by the positive impact that they are bringing to your life as well!

Thank you for meeting me halfway!


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