How To Love Life Again!

Who hasn’t even for a brief moment, thought that you were so sad, that you would never be happy again?

We all have been there, whether because of a heartbroken, a loved one that passed on, or an unexpected health problem, we just lost all perspective. It seemed that we reached the end of the line, and we didn’t.

Somehow we overcame.

What I can tell you, from my personal experience, is that we go through several phases, from numbness, total disbelieve, to a sense of just surviving, just existing, not experiencing life with all of your heart and soul. Until my daughter was born, it felt like I had this black, empty hole in my heart. My daughter brought me to life again.

I had this amazing being that I was totally responsible for… There was this purpose, my life had a purpose, and the good side of life started to unfold!

The message that I would like you to retain is that, even if you are, at this point of your life, experiencing a hard challenge, just push it through, find professional help, if you feel that you need the right tools to move on, but make sure that it’s a certain fact that you will be happy again, you will smile again!

You are able to overcome everything!

There is always a way out!

There is always a burst of beautiful sunshine after a storm, just hang in there, you will make it!

You deserve a beautiful, amazing life!

You are worth it!

Thank you for meeting me halfway!


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  1. You always have a way to make readers feel like superstars. Love this… I nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award. Check out the post I made for it when you get the chance. Your loving advice deserves recognition.

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