5 Tips to Live a Simple and Happy Life

If you’re living in a simple, straight forward life, then we already have something in common!

This is not a Naif way of living and perceiving life, this is going back to the basics, and giving the value to the essence of life.

I just could never relate with people they think highly of themselves, that strange glance of superiority, like they’re lives were so much important and valuable than mine. So, stepping away from that type of personality wasn’t a difficult decision!

I learn to give value and importance to the things and people that I can make that beautiful symbiosis of love and care. They add to my life as much as I add to their lives!

I made some positive changes, and started acting accordingly to my thoughts and believes, with the respect that every human being deserves. I started to live a happier and socially healthier life!

Here are five tips that I start to live by, to simplify my life, and I hope it will help you to simplify yours as well!

1-Stop worrying about outside opinions

People tend to talk about other people, even when they have no clew of what is going on in there lives. I stopped worrying about what other people think or say. It’s just a waste of time and energy!

2-Live by your own personal judgment

Just because there are a million people doing the same thing, it doesn’t mean they are all right, and that there is only one resolution. If you have a different point of view, opinion or a better resolution, don’t second guess yourself and choose your way, start a different path. Their several roads to achieve a positive result!

3-Stop comparing other people’s lives to yours

Don’t measure your steps through other men’s shoes.

Stop wasting your time wondering why others have more than you, or travel more, and that it’s unfair. Our lives aren’t better or worst, then anybody else, our lives are different from one another, and that is the reality.

Appreciate what you have, who you are, what you achieved so far, how grateful you are for the life you have, for the loved ones that are sharing this amazing journey with you!

4-Surround yourself with your true friends

I make sure to nurture my true friends, they are my real family!

I decided to step away from the kind of people that are constantly criticizing everybody, making mean comments and remarks, I just felt stressed just by listening to them.

As they say, through other people’s back, I see mine.

So I only meet them on social occasions, and for a short period of time!

5-Don’t take yourself so seriously

Learn to laugh at your mistakes, allow yourself to learn something new every day.

We are all alike! Don’t feel superior or inferior to anyone. We share the same basic needs, both physically and emotionally.

The real reason we appear to be different from one another is that we all use different masks, and the reason we use them is quite humbling: we use it to protect our feelings!

If pass among others the image of a senseless, superior being, it will intimidate others from a more personal, human approach, right?

I would like you to consider this: when you’re protecting your feelings, by keeping a distance, have you ever thought that you might have lost the opportunity of a long and lovely friendship pass by?

Don’t sabotage your happiness!

Thank you for meeting me halfway.


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