How to Keep a Balanced Body and Mind

Life is so much easier when everything flows, right?

Sometimes it just happens, but there several tricks that will help you to keep this harmony in your life!

Start creating new habits and the results will bring an enormous positive impact in your daily life! Ready to change?


This is very important. Make sure your body and mind rest at least 8 hours per night. When properly rested, your mind is fully aware, your actions and decisions become sharper, everything is clearer, and your more tolerant, and this can make a difference in your daily life when dealing with our daily challenges.


Wake up earlier than you usually do. Start creating your morning ritual, take your time, make it “your time”. Dress for success! Use that makeup to highlight your beauty, this is valid to men as well!

When you love yourself, you gain confidence, you feel secure, and you pass that image for everyone around you!

3.Positive affirmations

Every morning, before getting out of bed, and every night, just before going to sleep read your positive affirmations. You can select the ones that make sense to you, the ones that are related to the aspect of your life that you want to improve!

Reading them frequently will help you to interiorise them, and day by day you will be with a more positive mindset. I wrote a post about Positive Affirmations. I’ll leave here the link.

Positive Affirmations.

4.Write down all your goals

Every day, go to a quiet place and write down all of your goals. The short time goals, the longtime goals, your daily goals!

Imagine yourself as if you already achieved them, Take the time to retain that feeling, that amazing feeling of achievement!

During the day, if something is upsetting you, go immediately to that happy place in your mind, feel your body reacting to that positive thought!

5.Listen to music

Music has the ability to touch our feeling right through our soul, right? Listen to your favourite ones, the ones that make you dance and jump, the ones that make you want to conquer the world!

You can do this with your loved ones, and create amazing memories!

Keep always in your mind and in your heart, you are a beautiful person that deserves the best!!

Go for it!

Thank you for meeting me halfway.


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