How to Quit Smoking for Good!

After 30 years of smoking, I decided to quit for health reasons.

I quit smoking a year ago but I didn’t reduce the number of cigarettes per day, I simply stopped. And I’ll explain the method I used to make it work.

I want to disclaim this is no scientific method, there are no studies on it, and I am not an expert in this area, I’m just simply sharing with you what worked for me and hopefully it will help you quit smoking as well.

Step 1: Quitting for the right reasons

Be assertive why you want to quit smoking. Make sure you’re doing it for you, for your health and to improve yourself. This will make you more persistent, and you’ll achieve the results you’re looking for.

Step 2: Understand the importance of your mind

Addiction makes your body overpower your mind. What you want to change is exactly that. You want your mind to determine what your body actually needs.

Step 3: Trick your mind (placebo effect)

This will sound a bit odd but trust me, it works!

Whatever message you send to your mind it will have an impact on your body. Whether it’s true or not. By constantly sending messages like I just had a cigarette and it was great, or I’m so sick after smoking so many cigarettes, or I just had a cigarette I won’t have another one.

Step 4: Acknowledge the immediate consequences

First of all, your clothes, hands, and hair won’t have the scent of cigarettes any longer. Your skin will improve drastically. And the most important one, you’ll no longer feel out of breath so strongly.

Thank you for meeting me halfway.


6 thoughts on “How to Quit Smoking for Good!

  1. I have quit smoking about 12 years ago. i am trying to make my cousin quit , who has been smoking for over a decade, but no success. so as an attempt to make him switch first to ecigs as that is less harmful as per my knowledge, today I ordered . not sure, if the above image is a cover photo of a book – if yes, pls can you share the url where I can order the book at.

    1. I really hope you your cousin can successfully quit smoking! It’s not a book cover, even though I was thinking about writing an ebook on this topic. Thank you so much for your comment and I hope this post was helpful. 😊

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