Learn How to be Patient

I have a friend that once made this comment about me: You don’t know how to to be patient, do you?

If I’d ask you: do you want a cookie today or a big box of chocolate tomorrow? I know Teresa, he said, I know that you would answer: I want a cookie and a big box of chocolate today! And then he laughed! You just don’t know how to wait!

Of course, I denied, but he was absolutely right, and until he told me that, I had no idea that I was so impatient.

I didn’t understand that everything has its right time.

Well, the truth was that I had to change in order to become a happier and calmer person. So I started by taking these steps:

1.Live the moment

I learned that every day is important. I started to enjoy every bit of the day that I was living, embracing it with my mind and my heart.

I started taking a challenge at a time, a goal at a time. That moment was the most important of all, and I had no plans on looking too way ahead, my mind was focused on the present, and that brought me the feeling of gaining control of my life, and consequently, I became calmer.

2. Keep a positive mindset

When analysing my thoughts and my anxieties towards the future, it became clear to me that my mind often wondered through negative places, I was anticipating negative outcomes, and it became obvious to me that this was one of the reasons why I wanted everything solved right then and there.

I was trying to control what no human being can control, the future.

I changed my mind. From that moment on I only allowed positive outcomes regarding my future, positive goals, positive situations, positive people!

What I noticed was that my life became lighter, I was happier, I was calmer, at peace, relaxed. Of course, I had the same challenges, but I gained a different perspective towards them, a challenge at a time, a solution at a time!

It worked and it still works today!

The sooner you understand that everything has its right place at its right time, the happier and peaceful you’re life will be!!

Take your time, enjoy every moment of it, have fun, even when you’re working!

Learn that your fun begins when you start giving your first step to your destination, enjoy every minute of your ride!

Thank you for meeting me halfway.


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