How to Organise your Finances

Having control over your finances will help you be debt free and increase your savings. This will bring you peace of mind.

On this post, I will share with you what I do to organise my finances.

1.Set Goals

Setting a goal will help you be more motivated to have control over your finances. Wanting to be debt free, save for a house or for a trip will help you not quit.

2. Change your Priorities

Start making smart choices. Instead of dining out, make yourself a lovely meal at the comfort of your own home. Little changes like this will have a huge impact on your finances.

3. Start Organising

For me, the only way I actually started gaining control of my finances and where I’d spend my money, was when I started to write everything down. I got myself a money planner and made sure to write down all of my daily expenses, and I started to make a plan of how much I wanted to spend on each thing. When I begin to track all my expenses, I realised how much money I was spending on unnecessary things. This was life-changing.

So, thinking of it, I decided to make a Monthly Budget Planner that will help you do the same. On this Planner, you’ll be able to find a Monthly Log, a Budget Tracker, a Savings Tracker, a Debt Tracker, a Money Goals Spread, an Expenses Tracker, a No Spend Day Tracker, a Bill Tracker, a Week Overview, a Shopping List, and more!

I’ll leave the link here in case you are interested.

Budget Planner

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