Self-care on a Budget

We all love to pamper ourselves every once in a while, but better than that, it becomes mandatory when we make self-care a daily routine!

This is the time when we renew our energy, it lowers our stress levels, we feel balanced, peaceful and everything flows, right?

The great news is that, with the right budget, we can make this happen every day, instead of once a week, or every two weeks!

This is how you make it happen:

1.Spa moments

You can have your evening bath with bath bombs and get relaxed and feel fresh. Just add them to your bath water and turn your bath into a fun skin treatment. All the bath bombs, yummy soaps, and bath salts can be made by you, making you save a lot of money. I made a Pinterest Board for you, click here to be inspired.

2. Body Care

If you do little things at home instead of going to the beauty technician, you’ll save a ton of money at the end of every month. So, things like cellulite treatments, hair removal, eyebrow, and nails are all done by me, at the comfort of my own home.

3. Me Time

We all appreciate moments where we’re just doing what we love and are super relaxed. For example, reading is my favourite way of spending my “Me time”, and I found a way of continuing to have it even though I’m on a tight budget. Instead of buying the books, I land them off my local Library, this makes my “me time” way less expensive.

I hope this will help you to have your Self-Care Routines on a daily basis. Thank you for meeting me Halfway.


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