How to be an Organized Stay-at-Home Mum

As a single mum, I quickly realized how bad I needed to be organised in order to attend my daughter’s needs and mine. The first couple of years where quite hard but everything changed once I started to become more organised. So, in today’s post, I’ll be sharing with you the perfect way to organise your life as a stay-at-home mother.

1.Wake Up Early

I know what you’re thinking, you can barely sleep and I want you to wake up early (I’ve been there). Let me tell you, waking up early will help you get everything done, and if you’re lucky, you’ll have a few minutes just to yourself, for your self-care moments!

2. Stay Calm

This step goes along with the previous one, when you wake up before your kids, you get to do your morning routine quietly, preparing breakfast will be a much peaceful task. You’ll be able to prepare their lunches and their snacks in advance, and after all this, you’ll be able to enjoy your breakfast with your family and start your day in a great note.

3. Write Down Everything

Planning everything and writing things down will help you achieve what you’re meant to do and it will help you save time.

Knowing how important this step is, I made and launched a planner that will help you with all of these tasks. It’s a Mum’s monthly planner, it includes a Monthly Overview, a Household Duties Tracker, a Kid’s Schedule, a Mum’s Schedule, a Mum’s Self-Care Spread, an Activities Tracker, a Weekly Overview, Meal Planners and more! I’ll leave the link here if you’re interested!

Mum’s Planner

I hope these tips will help you as much as they helped and continue to help me.

Thank you for meeting me Halfway.


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