Cry it Out!

All of us, although in different stages of our lives, are struggling with something, right? Either a small thing that we just want to overcome or a big thing, that is taking our peace. Sometimes it becomes so overwhelming that we just cry!

This is what I want to address today. First of all, crying is not a week sign, it’s, in fact, a sign of intelligence. Why?

It calms pain, reduces stress, it helps you deal with grief, you’re purging negative energy, it releases hormones that were keeping you from being balanced, it helps to balance our mood. After crying you feel relief, you have a sense of peace, expresses vulnerability, people can relate to you and feel empathy because we are all human and we need to release that negative energy. When you don’t release it, it will grow on you.

So, be brave to cry out of grief, deception, or just because you’re hormonal, just until you feel the tension is gone. Then, wipe your beautiful face and keep this in mind:

-Cry in a healthy way;

-Don’t take situations so seriously;

-Learn to laugh at yourself;

-Run away from drama;

-Learn from the situation and keep a good mood;

-Evaluate each situation and find out what’s bothering you;

-Express what you feel and don’t hold on to negative situations or people.

We all cry, we all have challenging moments and situations, we all suffer losses, It’s okay to cry, just make sure not to stay there, overcome and move on!

An amazing life awaits!

Thank you for meeting me halfway.


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