Simple ways of organizing your life

For these last 10 years, I gain the habit of organizing my days and all areas of my life actually with written lists. The funny thing is that this was something I learned from my daughter! She had this thing about registering all the activities that we were planning for the day, when we went to the supermarket (she even had a candy list), what to put in her backpack for school, just about every countable thing she would make me write it down.

I found it very sweet at first, and very useful as well. Everything was organized and there was this amazing sense of accomplishment, it was a good feeling.

So I started to apply this to all areas of my life, and by doing that I felt like my mind was being organized as well, I was starting to gain control on all areas of my life. I created specific goals, daily goals, weekly goals, I started to make lists about myself, how I felt that day, things to improve, things to be grateful for, motivation quotes that I read every morning, how to become more productive, how to become more motivated and it felt like a therapy.

This amazing tool that my beautiful daughter taught me had a huge impact on my life.

My mind is organized, I have my boost motivational routines, I have my financial life in control and all of this brings me this wonderful feeling of safety and control in all areas of my life. Of course, I don’t have control over what happens on outside events, but I have total control of my mind and how I decide to overcome any situation.

Today I’m giving you a free printable. I usually use this printable to increase my self-esteem and gratitude.

This is the printable.

Download it here.

I hope you’ll try it because I’m sure that it will have a positive impact on your self-esteem.

Thank you for meeting me halfway.


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