How to not be affected by a Narcissist

In all areas of our lives, every now and than we come across theses types of characters. They are very easy to identify! They usually are self-centred, with high regard for themselves, they feel and act as if they are superior. They are highly manipulative, they take advantage of other and they have no regard or appreciation to anyone but themselves. They take all they can get from you and give nothing in return. They act with such self confidence that we feel intimidated and immediately obey without question.

When we are dealing with this type of person within a group, that person is the center of all the attention. Everything that person says and does is never questioned, everyone puts them in a pedestal.

So, now that we identified this type of person and learned how they act, what can we do to take them off the pedestal that we actually put them on in the first place?


First of all, change your mindset. Be aware of your value and the value of your opinions and beliefs. Don’t underestimate yourself.

2. Creating your group

You’re not the only one feeling this way. We all are trying to be the best version of ourselves and, just like you, others will step away from that person. You are now creating space for the right people and circumstances to come into your life.

3. Focus

Surround yourself with the right people, keep your positive mindset, focus on your beliefs, your values, how to improve yourself, what makes your heart beat faster, what brings you happiness. Focus on your goals.

You don’t have the ability to control people and circumstances around you, but you have the power to control how others can affect you. Your mind is strong, you are strong, you are able to work with consistency, without outside influences. Keep a positive mind, overcome the obstacles, keep learning, keep growing, get stronger every day.

Keep in mind, you are amazing!

Thank you for meeting me halfway.


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