How to overcome a Breakup

Now that you’ve done all you crying, had your best friend’s shoulder to lean on, now that you’ve had that self-pity moment that we all are entitled to after any kind of lost, it’s time to move on!

So, wipe that beautiful face and pay attention, because you’re coming back, stronger than ever!

This is how you do it:


Most important step. You deserve happiness, it’s your birthright, so you’re going to achieve it! You deserve true and unconditional love. You deserve to love and be loved. You are an amazing person, that treats people with kindness and respect and, deserves to be treated the same way. You are a fighter!

2. Focus on you

Heal your wounds. Take time to nurture your self-esteem, make sure to let go of all your sadness, that your heart is becoming lighter every day. A good friend is gold, so you know that it’s okay to open your heart to them. Don’t allow bitterness inside you.

3. You attract what you think

 If you still have you’re ex in your mind, that is exactly the type of person you’re going to attract into your life.

Learn to let go, understand that you must act differently than before, so you have a different result, right?

The only reason your ex is still in your life is because of you because you allow it. He or she has actually moved on. Still, you’re giving him or her power. Stop thinking about it, and you will take them that power, you gain control of your love life!

4. Seek what you deserve

The level of love that you are willing to give must be as high as the level of love that you deserve to receive. You are amazing, so less than amazing is just unacceptable!

Stay focus, love yourself, have fun in your life. Love will find you!

I wish you all the best!

Thank you for meeting me halfway.


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