How to leave your fears behind

Picture this:

You and a 10-year-old child are going on a roller coaster ride.

You’re in line waiting for your turn, but you’re with a totally different mindset. This 10-year-old child is absolutely excited with this experience, for him it’s an amazing adventure, with high adrenaline, he is just thrilled. You are on the opposite side! All you’re thinking about is what if….. a zillion negative thoughts are running through your mind, are you are just panicking.

You’re both finally riding the roller coaster, but while this child is having the time of his life, you are so scared that you’re missing out this experience, this adventure. Why does this happen? Irrational fear takes over!

Have you ever took the time to think about what have you been missing out on, just because you let irrational fear take over your life?

So, it’s time to change!

Baby steps lead to a great journey. You can do this!


With these steps:


When fear takes over our minds, we feel numb, unable to react. So, you need to make this effort to gain control of your thoughts, of your mind. When we start to train our mind into positive thoughts only when we do this consistently, it’s like we’re feeling this amazing energy running all over our bodies, we gain life. We set new goals, overcome obstacles, and start living again. The numbness is gone.

2. Goal

Nothing like setting new purposes, new goals, to engage ourselves into a new journey. That one thing that is going to add so much joy in your life, something to be excited about.

3. Strategy

After setting a goal, make a list of things to do to get you there.

Have a strategy. Write down in order. This list must make sense to you. When you write it down, you’re creating steps to reach your goal, and as you achieve each step, it’s a victory that will give a boost to carry on with even more enthusiasm. When you visualize it the effect is even greater.

4. Don’t overthink

Once you’ve set your goals, your strategy, everything makes sense, it’s achievable, just do it. Don’t let irrational fear get in the way. You are not allowed to be second-guessing or start having doubts. Trust yourself, your intuition. It’s very important to have feedback, but only from someone that you absolutely trust, that loves you, that gives you a straight honest opinion, otherwise, keep it to yourself. Learn to trust your intuition. You’ve got this!

5. Improve yourself

Do your homework to achieve your goal. Study, practice, learn, re-adjust, go through everything to get it done.

Be persistent, if you don’t make it at first, try again, overcome, try through another way, be resilient, challenge yourself, stay focused, and, most of all, always keep in mind and in your heart: you deserve all the success in the world!

Thank you for meeting me halfway.


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