Mum Journey

I have a beautiful 19-year-old daughter. I have the big honor and responsibility to raise her on my own and let me tell you, this is The Ride of my life!

For me, the most precious advice that I got was: there is no right or wrong way to raise your child, there is the loving, protecting, caring sweetest way!
Like everything else in our lives, raising a child is simple, but it is a big responsibility. This amazing life is under our care and protection, and that is why sometimes it becomes so overwhelming and scary, but we keep on going, push through and overcome, one step at the time!
Of course, I made poor decisions, I made mistakes, I cried, second-guessed my decisions, we all do, but we learn and we move on, right?
So, on these mum’s posts, I´m going to share with you my experiences, tricks and thoughts, unexpected and wonderful memories that we created so far, and hopefully, they will help you through the several phases of these amazing lives that we have.
Until my next post, thank you for meeting me halfway.


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