How to change your mindset

I have always lived with fear, imagining the worst scenarios, overthinking every decision, struggling just to get by. On the other hand, I was always able to laugh at my mistakes or embarrassing situations. Just an ordinary woman going through life with a beautiful daughter. So, why did I change? Well, a year ago I had a little scary situation with my health. I was a smoker, didn’t eat properly, basically I wasn’t taking good care of myself. So they found a clot on my left foot. The doctors were considering the possibility of removing my foot, it was a really scary experience. Right away I stopped smoking, changed my eating habits, started to exercise. All this took about 2 months before a doctor realized finally what was happening. In the meantime I had no blood circulation, my foot was cold, swollen and I was in massive pain. So it took a while until I started walking again. Through this process, I had the constantan unconditional love and support from my beautiful daughter!! She was by my side all the time, all the way, always with love, care, support!  She was 18 at the time! When I couldn’t walk she carried me, she bade me, she would wake at 5 am prepared breakfast so that I could have my medicine! She was amazing! She is amazing! My daughter was the only one who was there for me the whole time. . After 30 years of smoking, every member of the family was constantly saying that I wouldn’t stop smoking, that I wouldn’t be able to do it. For me, this was the trigger! Of course, I can! I can do whatever I want! My mind is strong! And all the time I had my daughter’s positive energy pulling me up,. making me mentally stronger every day!! Everything is relative, everything is so simple!! I chose the way I want to live this next half way of my life! So can you!! I choose to live a healthy life, with the people I love and that love me back, family related or not! I choose to see the good, appreciate the simple, what makes me happy, light, at peace, I choose to love myself, and this not being self-centered or selfish, it is respecting myself! Then everything started to fall into the right place!! Try it, start now! This is what I want you to start working on: you can do everything, you can make an amazing change! You can start now! Thank you for meeting me halfway!


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