Your Limits are in your Mind.

You can only go where your mind allows you to. Isn’t it strange, when we think about it? It’s not your family, your work, your friends or your finances that are keeping you away from all your goals, you are. Your mind is!!
Take your time and observe your child. It’s amazing how easily they learn everything. Have you ever noticed that they just need a few minutes with a bicycle, a skate or any other type of vehicle, and they are riding it!
I want you to remember that you were that child, you were able to master whatever you wanted, right? So, what happened?  Fear happened, second-guessing happened, over thinking happened…

Don’t you think it’s time to go back to that state of mind?

How irresponsible, some people will say!

Who cares what people say?

Facts are that you are a responsible adult, with all your responsibilities in order, but who became afraid of new adventures, the unknown, and of what would people say. The funny thing is that it’s all in your head.
Taking chances, having new beginnings it’s not being irresponsible, it’s being bold!
You have to ask yourself, can you be happier than you are now?
Are you leaving a loved one behind?
Is your life changing is going to affect anyone in a negative way?

I’m not telling you to change no matter what, it’s the opposite. I’m making you aware of the possibility of a happier life with your loved ones, and without neglecting anyone or anything. I’m asking you to open your mind to the infinite possibilities that the universe has to offer. I’m asking you to look inside yourself, to give power to your intuition, to allow yourself to dream with no limits!

A Portuguese writer, Fernando Pessoa, said: “God wants, men dreams, and art is born”.

I can tell you that what you vibrate is what you attract. The universe will give exactly what you think, whatever the type of energy that you are giving right now, it’s exactly the same that you will receive. It’s simple but true. The has no limits, no negative or positive energy, it just has energy. Think positive, attract positive, think big, dream big!

Believe in yourself, visualize your dream life, own it, don’t you dare to give up!
Let all the good feelings of those thoughts involve your body and mind, keep that amazing sensation of happiness in your mind, and associate it with your visualizations. Stay in that level of positive energy!
You were born to be happy, it’s your birthright.

Create a limitless mind, have limitless dreams.

You have more tools than the child you once were because now you know how to protect yourself.

Master your mind to positive, opened to the infinite possibilities of happiness!!!

You are an amazing person!

Thank you for meeting halfway. 


It’s Okay to Let Go.

Why do we sabotage our happiness?

After suffering a painful loss, we feel guilty when we start to let a little bit of happiness touch our hearts again.

It’s a guilt feeling as if we were meant to be sad for the rest of our lives, not because of what other people might say, but because we fell like we are betraying the person we lost.

If you are going through that experience at this moment, please, fight against it.

“Deep grief sometimes is almost like a specific location, a coordinate on a map of time. When you are standing in that forest of sorrow, you cannot imagine that you could ever find your way to a better place.

But if someone can assure you that they themselves have stood in that same place, and now have moved on, sometimes this will bring hope.” – Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love

You will move on, and it’s okay!

The ones you lost, the ones you love, will always be with you. The energy of their love will combine with yours, making the perfect love symbiosis.

Make sure to honor their lives through your happiness, they will be so proud of you!

You deserve to be happy!

Thank you for meeting me halfway.

4 Tips to Keep Motivated in Order to Achieve your Goals! 

For every goal that I set to achieve, I have motivational waves: sometimes I’m up, sometimes I’m down!

This occurs more often when it’s about healthy eating habits or fitness habits.

So, I decided to create strategies to help me on a consistent positive motivational mood, in order to achieve that goal.

Today I’m giving you 4 of those tips to, hopefully, help you as much as they help me!

Watch Videos
Go to YouTube and look for videos that are related to your goal. Se different methods, new ideas, look for the results that they already accomplished. This will give you the right mindset to continue your journey.

Have a break 
Plan one day to make a break from your new daily routines. If it’s fitness related, don’t workout that day. If it’s food related, prepare a healthy treat, so that you can eat with no guilt. By doing this, you are in control, without endangering your main goal.

Find friends that are aiming for the same results. Work strategies to boost your motivations, like healthy competition, new ways to achieve that goal, create schedules, in order to take all the time you need to be successful in your daily routines. 

Subliminal messages
If you search on YouTube, you will see how easily you can make your personal music with a subliminal message that you made! 

You can record a voice message with positive affirmations regarding your goal. Then you can choose a calm melody and add your voice message, but at a lower frequency. This way, you listen to the melody, not your voice. However, your subconscious will listen to your voice, your positive affirmations, and act accordingly to them! 

Over the course of time, you will realize that you are with a different attitude towards life, you’re feeling good about yourself, about life, everything is better, lighter. 

A positive mindset can really make a change in your lives! 
It’s up to you! 
Thank you for meeting me halfway. 

Break Free From Fear!

Don’t you think is time to get out of your comfort zone?

How long have you been dreaming about a brand new life?

Have you ever heard of this sentence: “What if I fall? -Oh darling, what if you fly??”

Don’t you think it’s time for you to break down all of your fears, and just fly?

I’ll leave 10 amazing reasons for you to make an amazing and well deserve a change in your life. It’s time for you to be happy, don’t you think?

1.You deserve to be living a wonderful life!

2.You were born to be happy, this is your birthright!

3.Your dreams are so much powerful than your fears!

4.Failure and re-try come with this amazing experience!

5.The best is yet to come!

6.Everything starts with a dream!

7.If you can dream it, you certainly can achieve it!

8.You got this far, look at what you accomplished!

9.Make your loved ones proud!

10.Lead by example, let them know how it’s done. You’ve got this!!

No matter how hard or light your life experience has been until this precise moment, make this journey unforgettable!

I wish you the best!

Thank you for meeting me halfway.

How One Positive Word Can Change Someone’s Life!

We are so focused on our daily lives, with our daily routines and obligations, that we forget that we actually live in a society, with people!!

Of course, this is no selfish act on our part, we are just wrapped up in our “world”, that sometimes the rest seems invisible.

It’s time for us to raise our heads and the what’s happening around us, share a bit of happiness and empathy with the rest of the world!

It’s time to ask “how are you?” like we mean it!!

I became aware of this, one day when I was doing a heart exam. I just stopped smoking 15 days before this exam, So, when the doctor asked me why I was having this exam I explained that I’d just quit smoking because of a clot, my doctor was trying to find out the origin of that clot. The amazing part of this episode was that, while all my family was saying that I would continue with that addition, this doctor, that I’ve never met before, told me this: I already see you as a non-smoker!

I lost my father when I was 21 years old, and somehow it seemed that those words were a sweet message from my father!

Until today I remember these words, from someone that said I believe in you, you can do this!

So, imagine the change you can make in someone else’s life, just with a kind word, with a smile, with a word of trust and encouragement!

It is true when we say that we can change each other’s lives!

Look to all the people that you encounter every day, going to work, at a coffee, at a restaurant, and take time to get to meet them, make a positive change in their lives, and you will be surprised by the positive impact that they are bringing to your life as well!

Thank you for meeting me halfway!

How to Always Be in a Good Mood!

Monday! The beginning of a new week and the mind is still trying to grab the laziness of the weekend. Well, it’s gone!

So face this new day, this amazing new week, as new chances, new opportunities in the path to achieving your goals.

As always, keep a positive mindset, stay focused, be persistent, be resilient, you’ve got this!

Today I’m giving you an odd tip to keep you always in a good mood!! Please indulge me and try it…

Pick a sentence, a positive affirmation, for example, I’m amazing! Whatever I want, I have! It’s a wonderful day! I fell great! I’m unstoppable! I am the best!

Find a sentence that gives you that boost!

Now think of a song, that type of song that makes you want to dance, the one that brings a smile right through your soul!

You now have the melody and your positive affirmations, you just have to join them, and there you have it, the tune that you’ll keep singing in your mind, throughout your day!!

Believe me, it works!!

That song won’t stop playing in your mind, and what you think is what you attract, so positive thoughts attract a positive life!

Every day is amazing, do you know why? Because you’re in it!!

You deserve the best, you work for it and you achieve it. The world is yours!

I wish you a beautiful day!

Thank you for meeting me halfway.

The Blogger Recognition Award

I’ve been nominated for the blogger recognition award, and I couldn’t be more happy about it.

I absolutely adore the blog that nominated me. I want to thank her for the nomination. Go check her out, her blog is the .

The Rules are:

1.Thank the nominator, and publish a post on your blog about receiving the Blogger Recognition Award. Make sure to provide a link to the nominator’s blog in your post.

2.Give a brief story of how your blog started.

3.Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.

Nominate 10-15 other bloggers for this award, and inform them of their nomination.

How The Sweetest Halves started…

I decided to start this blog as a way of helping others. Sharing a positive way of living life, understanding that happiness is real and achievable! From my personal experience, I can tell you that, even after the darkest and unhappiest moments of our lives, we can start over, even stronger, and with more focus than ever, because we all deserve to be happy!

This blog is a reminder of self-love. You deserve all the joy of the world, you are worth it!

I’m 47 Years old, and I’m only halfway of my journey. This is why I thank you every day, for meeting me halfway in this amazing life!

My Advice…

Two pieces of advice for new bloggers…

I’m a new blogger myself, so from this short experience, the best advice that I can share is to write from your heart, and everything else will follow. And my second advice is to be persistent and never give up on your dreams because they will come true!

My Nominees…

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So pleased for this nomination!

Thank you for meeting me halfway.

How To Love Life Again!

Who hasn’t even for a brief moment, thought that you were so sad, that you would never be happy again?

We all have been there, whether because of a heartbroken, a loved one that passed on, or an unexpected health problem, we just lost all perspective. It seemed that we reached the end of the line, and we didn’t.

Somehow we overcame.

What I can tell you, from my personal experience, is that we go through several phases, from numbness, total disbelieve, to a sense of just surviving, just existing, not experiencing life with all of your heart and soul. Until my daughter was born, it felt like I had this black, empty hole in my heart. My daughter brought me to life again.

I had this amazing being that I was totally responsible for… There was this purpose, my life had a purpose, and the good side of life started to unfold!

The message that I would like you to retain is that, even if you are, at this point of your life, experiencing a hard challenge, just push it through, find professional help, if you feel that you need the right tools to move on, but make sure that it’s a certain fact that you will be happy again, you will smile again!

You are able to overcome everything!

There is always a way out!

There is always a burst of beautiful sunshine after a storm, just hang in there, you will make it!

You deserve a beautiful, amazing life!

You are worth it!

Thank you for meeting me halfway!

Taking a Day at a Time!

I had this awful habit of constantly being anticipating the future. I was living in a constantly stressed life, so unsure of what the future could hold. My baby daughter’s well-being, what would happen to her if, for some reason, I was no longer there for her. It was cruel knowing that she would have no one else to take care of her, to love her and protect her. It was exhausting.

The years went by, I was always re-adjusting to her school schedules, finding jobs that would fit in our schedules, so that she would never stay alone.

As I explained in my post of How to Quit Smoking for Good, I went through a bit of a scary time due to a clot that was found on my left foot. My daughter was 18 years old, and she took care of me with the sweetest and loving attention that I’ve never had in my life before!

This health event made me change the way I lived and perceived life.

The sentence “we’ll cross that bridge when we get there” started to be my way of living.

It’s now so clear to me the time and energy that I wasted all those years, the tears I cried, that were absolutely useless. We have no control of the outside events, nothing. We only have control of our thoughts, actions, decisions, or goals, and this is the most important part.

I decide to have long term goals, short term goals, but I take a day at a time, I live the moment with total intensity, I love every moment that I spend with my loved ones, with this blog, that I absolutely love!

I decided to put into practice every dream that I had, I learned that everything is possible, that we deserve the best!

Fight for your dreams to come true. Don’t need to step on anyone to be happy, Create daily goals, and enjoy every conquest, be grateful for your daily memories.

You have today, focus on it, love every minute of it.

Embrace today, knowing that the future is bright, and take one day at a time, one challenge at a time, and before you even realise, you are in that place that you were dreaming about!

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”Lao Tzu

Thank you for meeting me halfway!

7 Quotes to Make You Smile!

Every single day of this week you’ll have at your disposal 7 quotes, just to lighten up your day!

“I don’t believe in astrology; I’m a Sagittarius and we’re skeptical.”Arthur C. Clarke

“My opinions may have changed, but not the fact that I’m right.”Ashleigh Brilliant

“Inside me there’s a thin person struggling to get out, but I can usually sedate him with four or five cupcakes.”Bob Thaves

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.”Dalai Lama

“Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?”George Carlin

“That’s the funny thing about life. We’re rarely aware of the bullets we dodge. The just-misses. The almost-never-happeneds. We spend so much time worrying about how the future is going to play out and not nearly enough time admiring the precious perfection of the present.”Lauren Miller

“We’re all a little weird. And life is a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness — and call it love — true love.”Robert Fulghum

I hope you enjoyed it!

Have an amazing week.

Thank you for meeting me halfway!